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    by: Martin

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    1 : Selecting a Compressor and Nebulizer for Asthma - compiled by Nebulizer Machine Blog
    2 : Conformity is one of the first and most crucial points to note when selecting a nebulizer for asthma treatment. Sometimes you may not experience much trouble in breathing but you could have suppressed inflammation in your lungs. 
    3 : This inflammation if not treated at the earliest could lead to unexpected aggravation. Your medical expert could have recommended you to use this piece of medical equipment to aid in supporting your present respiratory state. 
    4 : A couple of important factors when choosing a nebulizer for asthma The first factor is when estimating various nebulizers, you should strive to evaluate the product’s specifications particularly about the time durations it requires to perform a treatment. Based on this detail the medicine delivery can differ between different devices.
    5 : The second factor is for you to comprehend some fundamental aerosol delivery terms. When the exact delivery of the medicine is ascertained, a crucial term known as the respirable fraction comes into question.
    6 : It is a minute assessment of the diameter of the aerosol bits that emerge from the nebulizer. If the percentage of particles generated in the respirable fraction is higher then the medicine is deposited in the lungs is a better manner. 
    7 : Therefore while you set about selecting the most suitable nebulizer for asthma from among many product choices, try to find this number to be provided in the product specifications. In case of a manufacturer not providing this number, additional analysis needs to be done to evaluate the efficiency of the nebulizer.
    8 : Nebulizer and compressor, how these two differ? Nebulizer and Compressor are two different components of a treatment system.  Nebulizer is really the handset or the cup, not dependent on the Compressor, which is actually used to provide power to the nebulizer by giving air through the tube.
    9 : Most people are misinformed that the entire system is called the nebulizer whereas in actuality, the device comprises of a nebulizer and a compressor.  Nebulizer plays the primary role in the treatment setup. Various nebulizers differ from each other and have differing replacement time periods, treatment timings, medicine deposition and cleaning directions.
    10 : When looking to get a new compressor system, the product’s specifications must be studied to note down the decibel level caused by the device. If the decibel measurement is low then the functioning of the device is also correspondingly quieter.
    11 : Disposable nebulizer and reusable nebulizers A Disposable Nebulizer will need replacements after about 14 to 15 treatments.  It has a longer treatment time period, much less efficient medication delivery, and the need to be cleaned by hand.
    12 : A Reusable Nebulizer (Non-Disposable) can work well enough for about 6 months if used every day.  This type of nebulizer has a relatively faster treatment time.
    13 : It also provides a more efficient delivery of medication and another advantage is that some of these devices can even be cleaned in the dishwasher or in boiled water. A reusable nebulizer is built using a medical grade plastic that offers better product life and a more effective use.
    14 : An ultrasonic nebulizer is another option available on the market. It generates aerosol with the help of a vibrating crystal present inside the unit that vibrates at very high frequency. 

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