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    1 : 1 Self Help Group SHG is a self-managed institution of 10-20 members, based on common interest & affinity for socio-economic improvement of their members.   MANSHA RUDLABS (Rural Development Labs)
    2 : 2 WHY SHG ? To Organize Women Enhance Participation Level To inculcate saving habits Based on Principles of Coop. Suitable Platform for women Enhance capacities of Women Successful base MANSHA RUDLABS (Rural Development Labs)
    3 : 3 UNFOLDING SHG STAGES Thrift & Credit Social Oriented Micro-enterprises MANSHA RUDLABS (Rural Development Labs)
    4 : 4 Objectives To create an appropriate & sensitive forum for addressing the need of people To inculcate saving habits in the community To generate the sense of collective action To improve socio-economic status To access the outside resources MANSHA RUDLABS (Rural Development Labs)
    5 : 5 SELF HELP GROUP LEARNINGS INDIAN FARM FORESTRY DEVELOPMENT COOPERATIVE LTD Group should be within ward area. Economic homogeneity is rather more important than caste. Group leadership leads to community leadership. women become economically viable segment of their family. Group must have develop a vision for long-term association. Trainings & Exposures has a greater role. Training designed for confidence & mutual trust building aspects. MANSHA RUDLABS (Rural Development Labs)
    6 : 6 Functions of S.H.G.   Conducting half monthly meetings at specified time and venue fixed by members. Savings. Loaning & Repayment. Maintaining books of account & records. Members oriented Action Programmes. Liaison & Linkages with FI/Gos/other agencies. Training & Capacity building.   MANSHA RUDLABS (Rural Development Labs)
    7 : 7 Structure of SHG   · 10-20 members · 3 representatives (Jankar) for minimum one year · Chairperson (rotational basis) for each meeting   MANSHA RUDLABS (Rural Development Labs)
    8 : 8 Rules and regulations   Meeting frequency per month. Savings amount per month. Quorum (Minimum 70 Percent) Rate of Interest on: Internal Loan. Bank Loan. Repayment Period Internal Loan & Bank Loan Rules in case of Withdrawal from Group. Rules for Joining of New Member. (Contd.) MANSHA RUDLABS (Rural Development Labs)
    9 : 9   Rules in case of Withdrawal from Group. Rules for Joining of New Member. Rules for changing of Nominated Member (Sahyogi) Fine Related to not attending the meeting Irregular saving. Non – Repayment of loan on time. Rules for Loan on savings. Rules for Bank Transaction. Rules for Membership. MANSHA RUDLABS (Rural Development Labs)
    10 : 10 Fund Total fund includes saving fund + development fund (vikas kosh)     MANSHA RUDLABS (Rural Development Labs)
    11 : 11 Advantages of SHGs Initiative Responsibility Ownership Capacity Building Self confidence $ self esteem Mutual help Access to larger pool of resources Channel of functioning MANSHA RUDLABS (Rural Development Labs)
    12 : 12 MANSHA RUDLABS (Rural Development Labs)

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