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    Self Motivation PPT(Powerpoint) Presentation PPT Slides on Self Motivation


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    1 : Self Motivation
    2 : Self motivation is the inspiration behind your behavior and actions. It is an important mechanism that will help you to reach your goal, without external influence. Self motivation improves your confidence and self-esteem, as well as gives you strength to achieve your goal.
    3 : Self motivation is important in every aspect of your life, be it career, social life, relationship, health and fitness, spirituality or personality development. Firstly, you must find out what motivates you. Some people may get motivated by influential people; while, some by reading inspirational books, stories or poems. Different methods are used by different people.
    4 : Self-motivation is a more efficient method. Reading motivational books will inspire you temporarily. If you can motivate yourself, you do not have to depend on any external factors. Self motivation is the best inspirational technique.
    5 : Without having a dream, you cannot achieve anything. You must have observed how obsessed great men are with their dreams. Everyone is aware of Martin Luther King, Jr's famous speech, 'I Have A Dream'. Only when you have a dream, you will be determined to follow it and make it real. Dream : Self Motivation Tips
    6 : Make concrete plans It is very important to make realistic goals. They should not be extraordinary and unreachable. Firstly, discover your strengths, your fortes and also your limits; only then, set your goals. You should also have a blueprint of your plan. Your action plan must be flexible, so that it lasts long. Self Motivation Tips
    7 : Positive attitude Your attitude is your biggest asset. Positive thinking is extremely important as your thoughts and attitude will influence your plans and actions. Do not let negative thoughts or people influence you. Do not get frustrated or depressed. Write your positive aspects and achievements. It will definitely boost your self-confidence. Self Motivation Tips
    8 :  It takes a lot of effort to initiate the planned course of action. It is observed that most people have their plans ready, but they find it extremely difficult to make a start. You must at least take a single step to begin your work. Start with a small step Once you begin, it is easier to continue. Do not fear making mistakes because the more you fear, the more likely you are to commit one. Remember that failure is followed by success. Self Motivation Tips
    9 : Consistency Steadiness and regularity in your actions is very essential. It is possible that you may get discouraged or tired, after the initial excitement is over. But, you have to self-motivate and be focused. Strengthen your interest and desire to succeed. Do not complain about lack of resources or unsuitable situations. If you are really determined, you will accomplish your goal. You must not let any kind of obstacles affect you or your action plans. Self Motivation Tips
    10 : Procrastination is your enemy  Delaying your day's work will lengthen your time in achieving your goal. Avoid being lazy. Taking breaks to get refreshed is accepted, but not putting things off for the next day. Procrastination is a hindrance in your progress. Harmful external forces likes negative thoughts and ideas must be completely blocked. You should never lose your mental balance under any circumstances. You should not be nervous or depressed. Do not let emotions empower any of your actions. Self Motivation Tips
    11 : Never quit If you follow the right plan and procedure, you are sure to succeed. But, there may be times when things can go wrong. However, you must never lose hope. Keep on trying, find out what is wrong but do not quit. Memorize the famous quote, Losers quit when they are tired, Champions quit when they hold gold. Self Motivation Tips

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