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    by: Rogers

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    1 : Sports & Entertainment Marketing II Objective 1.02 Discuss the impact of sports and entertainment marketing on the economy.
    2 : Marketing The process of developing, promoting, pricing, and distributing products in order to satisfy customers’ needs and wants.
    3 : Products Include both goods and services
    4 : Goods Goods are tangible objects that are useful to consumers. Examples: tennis rackets, soccer balls, uniforms.
    5 : Services Services are intangible and include tasks or acts performed for a customer for a price or fee. Examples: Going to a Broadway play or to a NASCAR race.
    6 : Sports Marketing The involvement of sports to develop, promote and distribute goods and/or services to satisfy the wants and needs of consumers. Includes sponsorship, endorsements, promotion, and fan clubs.
    7 : Professional Teams Basketball: Charlotte Bobcats Football: Carolina Panthers Hockey: Carolina Hurricanes
    8 : Collegiate and Scholastic Teams UNC – University of North Carolina Duke University University of Okalahoma Ohio State University
    9 : Venues: Arenas, Stadiums, Coliseums, Speedways Time Warner Cable Arena Lowe’s Motor Speedway Bojangles Arena Staples Center
    10 : Commercial Facilities Marina Boat Land
    11 : Health Clubs Gold’s Gym YMCA Planet Fitness Ladies Fitness and Wellness
    12 : Recreation Aerobics Soccer Basketball Swimming Area parks
    13 : Camps Tennis Camp Basketball Camp Soccer Camp Camp Thunderbird
    14 : Professional Individual Sports PGA World Tennis Association PBA
    15 : Professional Individual Sports Running Swimming Golf Bowling
    16 : Amateur Sports AAU-Amateur Athletic Union
    17 : Agencies MLB-Major League Baseball NBA-National Basketball Association NFL-National Football League NCAA-National College Athletic Association SEC ACC
    18 : Sport Support Services NASCAR Winston Cup Racing Wives Auxiliary
    19 : Sporting Goods Industry Nike Adidas Under Amour
    20 : Sport Sponsors NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Cadillac sponsoring the PGA Tour Wachovia Cup Tournament at Quail Hollow Country Club
    21 : Sports Media ESPN Fox Sports Net Sports Illustrated
    22 : Entertainment Marketing Involves the use of entertainment to develop, promote and distribute goods and/or services to satisfy the wants and needs of customers.
    23 : Music Industry Capitol Records Bad Boy Entertainment Roc-a-fella Records J Records
    24 : Movie Industry Warner Brothers Disney Actors
    25 : Theme Parks Walt Disney World Carowinds Cedar Point
    26 : Radio Industry FM AM Country Rap Hip-hop Jazz Sirius satellite radio
    27 : Film Industry Sundance Film Festival
    28 : Television Industry NBC ABC CBS Cable TV
    29 : Dramatic Arts Industry Children’s Theatre Broadway Belk Theatre
    30 : Video Game Industry X-Box 360 Nintendo Wii Sony Playstation 3
    31 : Fine Arts and Science Industry Smithsonian Museum Mint Museum
    32 : Night Club Industry Club Ice 40/40 Club Rain
    33 : Literacy Industry Library Internet Books
    34 : Casinos Industry Las Vegas Reno Atlantic City Harrah’s Cherokee Casino
    35 : Hobbies/Craft Industry Southern Christmas Show
    36 : Trends in Sports & Entertainment Sports: Naming Rights X-Games Sport Specific Channels Entertainment Internet Web Casts MP3’s DVD’s
    37 : Importance of Sports and Entertainment 1.4 billion movie tickets are sold each year. Legal gambling generates between $60 and $90 billion a year. Book sales were $23.9 billion in 2009.
    38 : Importance of Sports and Entertainment NFL NBA Chicago Bulls 21,855 Charlotte Bobcats 16,906 Detroit Pistons 11,719 AVERAGE HOME GAME ATTENDANCE Dallas Cowboys 85,512 Carolina Panthers 72,292 Cincinnati Bengals 49,251
    39 : Importance of Sports and Entertainment In 2010 16,972,000 people visited Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Top Ten Movies in US Avatar $760,505,847 Titanic $600,779,824 The Dark Knight $533,316,061 Star Wars $460,935,665 Shrek 2 $436,471,039
    40 : Importance of Sports and Entertainment Satellite TV Customers 46.4 Million 59.1% of US households have subscribe to cable TV.

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