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    by: Dr Manas Ranjan Rout

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    1 : Surgery of the Septum Dr manas
    2 : Submucousal Resection (SMR) Indications – DNS with nasal obstruction and headache Recurrent sinusitis Recurrent epistaxis Part of Septorhinoplasty Trans septal Sphenoid surgery Vidian neurectomy
    3 :
    4 : Contraindications – Pt below 17 years Acute respiratory infection Bleeding diathesis Untreated diabetes and hypertension
    5 : Anaesthesia – Local preferred General in case of children and apprehensive pt. Position – Reclining position with head end of the table raised
    6 : Steps of Surgery -- Infiltration of nasal septum with 2% xylocain and 1:50,000 adrenaline Incision Elevation of mucoperichondrial and mucoperiosteal flap Incision of the cartilage Elevation of the opposite side muco perichondrial and periosteal flap
    7 :
    8 :
    9 :
    10 : Removal of cartilage and bone. Stitching Packing
    11 : Post operative care -- Semi-sitting position Soft diet for 2 days Analgesic Antibiotics Pack removal after 24 hrs Avoid trauma to nose
    12 : Complications -- Bleeding Septal hematoma Septal abscess Perforation Depression of the bridge Retraction of columella Flapping of the nasal septum Toxic shock syndrome
    13 : Septoplasty Indications – Deviated septum with symptom Part of septorhinoplasty Approach to hypophysectomy Recurrent epistaxis due to septal spur
    14 : Contraindications – Acute nasal Infection Acute sinusitis Untreated diabetes and hypertension Bleeding diathesis
    15 : Anaesthesia – Local or General Position – Supine position with head end of the table raised
    16 : Steps of surgery -- Infiltration of the septum Hemi transfixion incision Elevation of mucoperichondrial and mucoperiosteal flap on one side Separation of bony and cartilagenous junction Raise the mucoperiosteal flap on opposite side of septum
    17 : Remove the maxillary crest Correct the bony septum Cartilage corrected by shaving, cross hatching, wedge excision. Trans septal suture Nasal pack
    18 :
    19 :
    20 : Post operative Complications -- Bleeding Septal haematoma and abscess Septal perforation Persistent septal deviation External nasal deformity
    21 : Other surgeries of the septum Excision of Septal spur ( Please see septal spur excision by dr manas in youtube)
    22 : The End

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