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    by: Rogers

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    1 :
    2 : Says who?
    3 : Teaching can be fun Really? What an extraordinary idea! In many graduate programs, being a research assistant is far more desirable than being a teaching assistant. The message is that “teaching is a chore.” How often do you say: “I really enjoyed teaching my class today.” OR If you’re not having fun, your students probably aren’t either.
    4 : Teachers can be funny This is easier for some than others. It can be risky. You can be taught this skill: Paul McGhee has an 8-step Humor Skills Program for you. Pioneer in humor research (health benefits) Laughter matters (NSC/PSY studies) Actors can be teachers and teachers are actors. Do students know the difference?
    5 : “Humor will not necessarily cause learning, but there is empirical evidence to support the idea that humor creates conditions conducive to learning.” How? Increases attention, motivation, excitement Increases interactions between students & peers Increases interactions between students & teacher May draw out some of the “invisible” students Reduces anxiety & stress “Humanizes” the instructor
    6 : Humor is infectious, like yawning. It can bring a class together.
    7 : How do you do it? It’s a good idea to smile now and then. Tell funny stories-your own or others-to make a point. Examples (lots of mine involve children/dogs) Act something out. Use props. Debate of animal activists v. researchers… Use fun demonstrations/experiments. Chesire Cat effect demonstrates binocular rivalry The infamous lifesaver experiment Try different media-music, ads! Ex. Drug songs Ask students to bring me more current examples
    8 :
    9 : How did my day begin? If I’m feeling stressed or they have dragged themselves out of a cozy warm bed through freezing rain to come to class=grumpy, a story that has NOTHING to do with the class material is worth it. And it might take 3 minutes. (examples) Why does it help? Reminds students that I am like them, and “crappy” things happen to me too. Peaks their interest, wakes them up, less bothered by their wet shoes. Some just think I’m completely weird to tell the story, but at least they are now awake and listening. AND I feel better too…
    10 : Beware… Don’t force it or fake it. Don’t tell silly or demeaning jokes. Don’t feel you have to be fun/funny all the time. Impossible and exhausting. YouTube clips can be entertaining, but don’t go overboard (laughing girl video) Don’t get too far off the track. Remember, the point is to facilitate teaching and learning, not just to entertain.
    11 : Which would you prefer: As a student? As a teacher?
    12 : Many successful people know the value of laughter and humor…..
    13 : Tibetan spiritual leader The Dalai Lama shares a laugh with South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu
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    15 : The laughing girl Almost 7 mins long

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