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    by: Melissa

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    2 : LION In the animal kingdom, the predators seem to draw the largest amount of attention. The most famous in this category is the lion. The largest of the great cats in Africa, they spend a great deal of time resting in the shade. When the pride goes off to look for food at dusk or dawn, it is mostly the female who does all the hunting, but sometimes the males drive the prey towards the concealed females who then do the actual killing. The Big Five [Kenya] : - by Melissa Kanyi
    3 : LEOPARD The graceful leopard lives a solitary life except during the mating season. The beauty of the dark spots against the rich gold background belie the power these cats can muster if necessary, and it is indeed very hard to find them As agile as a common cat, they drag their kill to the top of a tree where they can be assured that no scavenger will find it and disturb their dinner. They are the only big cats who do that. The Big Five [Kenya] : - by Melissa Kanyi
    4 : Elephants The elephant can live up to between 60 to 70 years and will eat vast amounts of green material to survive each day. Elephants are found roaming in close knit herds with the matriarch in charge. Younger and older bulls live alone, away from the herd. The Big Five [Kenya] : - by Melissa Kanyi
    5 : RHINO They are also wallowers and will often find a suitable water hole and roll in its mud, coating their skin with a natural bug repellent and sun block. They have sharp hearing and a keen sense of smell. The eye sight might not be that great, but they will find one another by following the trail of scent each enormous animal leaves behind. The Big Five [Kenya] : - by Melissa Kanyi
    6 : CHEETAH The cheetah is more delicate and lighter framed than other cats, but is a highly specialized class athlete of the cat world. They are daylight hunters, but have been known to hunt by moonlight, although this is rare. (McLaughlin 1970) They rest in the shade in the hottest part of the day. The Big Five [Kenya] : - by Melissa Kanyi
    7 : BUFFALO The African buffalo has a reputation of having a bad temper if disturbed. These huge ox-like creatures have some very heavy, dangerous looking horns and have no shame in using them to get rid of any kind of pest, humans included. They can usually be found near water, but also in Savannah areas, like the Masai Mara. Large herds gather on open grasslands and smaller groups tend to congregate in thick forest. They are also known to chase Lions around here and there. And this is an incredible event to witness! The Big Five [Kenya] : - by Melissa Kanyi

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