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    by: Riya Jain

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    1 : The Need Of Child Rights
    2 : The Need of Child Rights Every human being on this globe are entitled to the rights and freedoms such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion. However, numerous people on this sphere are deficient in enjoying their basic rights. The reason such indifference can be poverty, illiteracy or even may be racism. This unchanged situation dupe many children, they are forced to be away from the main stream. Such situations exploit the well-being of these underprivileged children. Here come the need to raise and encourage the rights of children.
    3 : Situation of Children in India
    4 : To Make a Positive Difference To make a positive difference in the lives of these anemic children, it is our responsibility to take an initiative and help these anemic children by offering them healthy and literate life to build a pathway for a better future. If these children obtain salubrious and good cultured life, it will enhance their standard of living and will definitely add to the nation's growth.
    5 : Our help will add Smile to their life…..
    6 : Thank You

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