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    by: Rogers

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    1 : The Rhythm of Fashion
    2 : Rhythm Refers to how attention is led around the garment or the outfit. Rhythm is achieved when the lines, shapes, colors, textures, or patterns in clothing and accessories are arranged to lead the viewer’s eye easily from one part of the garment to another.
    3 : Rhythm by Repetition Repetition of line, shape, color, texture, or pattern within the design Examples: row of buttons, trim on collar and cuffs, the same color used several times.
    4 : Examples of rhythm by repetition
    5 : Rhythm by gradation Gradual change in lines, shapes, color values or textures within the design The degree of change must be SMALL or a jumpy, choppy effect will result.
    6 : Examples of rhythm by gradation
    7 : Rhythm by radiation Of lines, shapes, colors, or textural folds inward or outward from a central point or area.
    8 : Examples of rhythm by radiation
    9 : Rhythm by transition Continuous line movement created by a line of shapes, colors, or textural trims. Examples: princess seamlines, contrasting piping around the collar and down the center front to the hemline
    10 : Examples of rhythm by transition
    11 : Rhythm by opposition/alternation Alternation of two or more lines, shapes, colors, textures, or patterns. Causes contrast or opposing details in a design. Examples: yellow then blue stripes in a shirt, beads used against feathers, sheer then opaque fabric used.
    12 : Examples of rhythm by Opposition
    13 : Rhythm portfolio page
    14 : Portfolio page specifications Choose two pictures that represent two of the five types of rhythm. Your title should read: Rhythm by _(repetition…)_ Include the following in your paragraph: Describe which elements of design are used in the specific type of rhythm. Tell how the eye follows the design due to the rhythm.

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