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    by: Lico Reis

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    1 : The Sandbox Approach Developing a Nice Working Environment
    2 : A group of kids is playing in a sandbox. They are building roads and castles and interacting with other children without hesitations and concerns. They are having a great time! The Sandbox Approach Introduction
    3 : We can easily see the peaceful relaxation that comes from them when they are playing in a sandbox. The Sandbox Approach Children are having Fun
    4 : The sandbox helps children to bring out creativeness, imagination, concentration, an opportunity for insights, etc. The Sandbox Approach When children are playing - Main benefits
    5 : The Sandbox Approach Playing in a sandbox - Main benefits Friendly Atmosphere High Level of Concentration Nice Environment Teamworking Skills Fun Creativity Integration Compromise
    6 : We have been facing a systematic increase of worldwide competition that is shrinking our profit margins and business opportunities. And this fierce business environment has been increasing our feeling of stress and disappointment during our professional career. The Sandbox Approach Our working environment
    7 : The Sandbox Approach Our working environment & The sandbox Feeling of Disappointment Feeling of Stress Fierce Competition Shortage of Opportunities Fun Creativity Friendly Atmosphere High Level of Concentration Integration Compromise AGAINST
    8 : We are fully aware of the differences of playing in a sandbox and working hard to pay our expenses. But why not bringing all the fun and happiness from a sandbox to our working environment? The Sandbox Approach Main question
    9 : And based on that search, we would like to share some tips to help you to improve your working environment atmosphere. The Sandbox Approach Sharing some tips
    10 : We need to eliminate any dreadful and negative behaviors from our department and its members in the quest to build a positive working environment. The Sandbox Approach Tip 01 – Cleanse our working environment toxicity
    11 : There is no need to wait for a crisis to happen and someone to overcome a challenge before a show of appreciation and gratitude. Give and share compliments because things are smooth flowing to create a good and motivating work environment. The Sandbox Approach Tip 02 – Appreciate the daily smoothness
    12 : There is no way to avoid differences in the workplace. With proper understanding and skill such differences can be harnessed for better work environment. To deny it can be worse. The Sandbox Approach Tip 03 – Embrace Differences
    13 : This technique of creating a positive work environment is: Formal: it can be applied through a central software system that shares tasks and work activities. Informal: it happens when we share food inside the office. Sharing food inside the workplace creates a friendly environment that money can’t buy. The Sandbox Approach Tip 04 – Sharing and Giving
    14 : It would be nice to create another sharing system where people learn to give advice to others by way of learning from previous experience. Such approach sends a signal to the team that people have the freedom to fail, to ask and to contribute. The Sandbox Approach Tip 05 – Freely Give and Freely Receive
    15 : Create a positive work environment where people will park their ego at the door. Recruit and work with people who do not need to be right all the time. The Sandbox Approach Tip 06 – Park your Ego at the Door
    16 : Put in pride into the company name so people are proud to be associated with the company. Even small companies can do certain things extremely well. What are these things? The Sandbox Approach Tip 07 – Build Name for the Company
    17 : We really want to work in a nice working environment and facing adversities with the always support of our coworkers and superiors. But we need to know that such goal depends on the efforts of our team. That is why we should work together, helping each other to achieve together our sandbox place. The Sandbox Approach Conclusion
    18 : The Sandbox Approach Our Business Contacts Feel free to send us an e-mail. Our Website: Our E-mails: Linkedin: Roberto de Paula Lico Júnior Twitter: @licoreis

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