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    by: Muhammad

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    1 : Things that Forex Brokers Won’t Tell You Flow of Presentation Success Rate in Forex Trading Forex Trading Education Frequency of Trades Dealing Desk Term about Trade Execution Variable Spread The presentation is brought by
    2 : Success Rate in Forex Trading 90% of every Forex account opened, closed down in first 3 to 6 months. So this means only 10% of retail Forex brokers actually makes profit. This means one should have some kind of business plan in advance before going for live Forex trading to improve success rate. The presentation is brought by
    3 : Forex Trading Education Mostly Forex brokers gives little or basic knowledge about Forex trading and encourage Traders / Users to open Real Forex Trading Account. As little information is actually dangerous and leads to devil home. Going towards margin Call is very normal for a new user and it all happen due to lack of knowledge, which ultimately results in lack of interest of Traders from the real exciting world of Forex Trading. The presentation is brought by
    4 : Frequency of Trades The more trades you placed the more money you will lose, which means one need to select a better trading opportunity for profit making. The equation says “High Risk High Return”, but that does not say frequent or regular trades instead trade with better opportunity as Trading itself is a risk and returns are high profit that you make using right tactics. The presentation is brought by
    5 : Dealing Desk You need to select a Forex Brokers from a lot of Forex brokers that does not offer dealing desk. The reason why one should not trade with dealing desk option, as in that case brokers may use dirty techniques or tricks to screw up your Forex trading account for sure. The presentation is brought by
    6 : Terms about Trade Execution Pay special attention to Terms and Service. Most brokers fill your entry offers and that too at worst possible price. It has been observed that most of traders missed their profit but do hit stop loss and this happens mainly at first Friday of every month when US Farm payrolls are declared during NYSE session. The presentation is brought by
    7 : Variable Spread The price difference between ask and bid price is called as spread. Usually the spread for EUR/USD pair is 2 pips for most Forex brokers. Most brokers follows variable spread method and they usually don’t disclose or guaranteed about how wide can spread could become. It has been observed that most of discloses in Terms and Condition as “ Under normal market condition we offer 2pip spread for EUR/USD currency pair”. The most funny thing is that there is no Normal Market Condition as market is always uncertain The presentation is brought by

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