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    by: Lico Reis

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    1 : Thinking for Yourself
    2 : Thinking for YourselfA buffalo story Did you know that a buffalo doesn´t look up when moving as a herd? If a few buffalo in a herd were startled into running, the entire group would follow, even if most of them had no idea what they were running from.
    3 : Thinking for Yourself A buffalo story The Native American hunters learned that if they encouraged a few buffalo to start running towards a cliff, the entire herd would run off the edge. They used this interesting animal behavior to hunt buffalo. The buffalo followed the group thinking and couldn’t stop themselves, even when it meant their own deaths.
    4 : Thinking for YourselfImportant Although it is quite impossible to lead people to run off a cliff, it is easier to convince them to stop thinking, following preconceived ideas and opinions. And that is very dangerous!
    5 : Thinking for YourselfIntroduction Do you think for yourself? In these times of fast media and ever-growing internet we have been bombarded by so many influences that it can be difficult to know when we are thinking for ourselves. Unless you are a very discerning and an aware person, you most likely follow people’s ideas believing they are your own.
    6 : Thinking for YourselfImportant - Outside influence Not all outside influence is bad or detrimental to forming your own views. Unfortunately, when we stop thinking for ourselves, we give up control and other people can easily manipulate us, affecting our ability to make decisions for ourselves.
    7 : Thinking for YourselfIt is not an easy task Thinking for yourself is not an easy task. Your ability to think is only as strong as the efforts you put in to improve it. That means learning a lot about subjects relevant to your life: Finance, Health, Psychology, Science, Philosophy, Business, Politics, etc.
    8 : Thinking for YourselfLearn as much as possible If you aren’t learning as much as possible and digesting that information, you’ll lose power to make the best decisions and you will be forced to rely on other people, like a buffalo running towards a cliff.
    9 : Thinking for YourselfMain benefits Development of self-confidence and trust in your abilities You attain a greater sense of accomplishment You gain respect from others by standing up for what you believe in You are more aware and alert of what people are trying to sell you. You learn to respect yourself and pursue what you really want
    10 : Thinking for YourselfMain obstacle – “Groupthink” “Groupthink” is a psychological phenomenon that takes place within a group of people who try to avoid conflict and reach agreement without critically evaluating options or alternative ideas. The problem with “groupthink” is that it hinders finding the best solutions, impedes creative ideas and thwarts independent thinking.
    11 : Thinking for YourselfStrategy 01 – Develop a strong sense of self Develop a strong sense of self. Know who you are, what you want and what is best for you. Do not let others tell you how you should look, feel and act. Do what is best for you.
    12 : Thinking for YourselfStrategy 02 – Be well-informed Be well-informed. Gather as much information about a subject as possible before forming an opinion. Build your mental resources by reading, observing, and listening for yourself. Take time to reflect and evaluate.
    13 : Thinking for YourselfStrategy 03 – Be flexible Be flexible. Look for solutions and outcomes to a situation from as many perspectives as you can. Determine the pros and cons. Look for the potential consequences.
    14 : Thinking for YourselfStrategy 04 – Identify possible biases Identify possible biases. Are you being unduly influenced by your culture, upbringing or other people's opinions? Many times we make poor decisions because we begin with the wrong premise. If we take time to evaluate and judge based upon what we observe first hand, rather than what we've been led to believe, we can arrive at a more appropriate and practical conclusion.
    15 : Thinking for YourselfStrategy 05 – Do not give up under pressure Do not give up under pressure, fear, or guilt. Have the courage to stand up for what you really believe. If you have a brilliant idea you should pursue it before letting people change your mind.
    16 : The following are referenced in this presentation: Scott H Young Erin Falconer Ben Parr Charles Choi, Cristina Diaz Thinking for Yourself Our References
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