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    Add as FriendTips for weight loss – Know the Basics

    by: Robert Walters

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    1 : Tips for weight loss – Know the basics
    2 : Nutritional information Basics
    3 : Calories Body’s energy expenditure is measured in units of heat called kilocalories
    4 : Macronutrients
    5 : Protein – 4 kcals per gram Macronutrient
    6 : Fats – 9 kcals per gram of fat Macronutrient
    7 : Carbohydrates 4 kcals per gram Macronutrient
    8 : Vitamins Minerals Micronutrients
    9 :
    10 : Present in all animal foods Meat Poultry Fish Milk Egg Plant foods do not contain cholesterol
    11 : Saturated fat Trans fats created by hydrogenation Saturated fats and trans fats increase LDL (bad) cholesterol level in blood. Increase bad cholesterol raises risk of heart disease
    12 : Workout Basics
    13 : 10 minutes of warm up can Reduce the soft tissue injury prior to weight training Reduce the heart arrhythmia Better performance Warm up before each workout
    14 : Breathing Exhale during the exertion Don’t hold your breath during exercise
    15 : Dress properly As the saying goes… “There is no bad weather just bad clothes”
    16 :
    17 : Body is Fat – stored fuel Muscle – burns fuel Bones and organs Desired weight loss = Fat loss ( with no muscle loss) Basics for weight loss
    18 : Fat Excess calories stored in your body Calorie more then you need = Fat Eat less calorie then you need daily Deficit will come from stored fat in body
    19 : Strength Training Increase muscle mass Increase metabolic rate
    20 : Cardiovascular exercise
    21 : Cardiovascular exercise Aerobic exercise burns calories for the time of the exercise Versus strength training you continue to burn calories post exercise
    22 : How to stay hydrated Before your workout drink 16 ounce During exercise drink fluids equal to sweat loss Sweat loss= Weight before exercise minus weight after exercise
    23 : Symptoms Thirst Dry mouth Dark urine Decreased urine volume Muscle cramps Muscle fatigue Headache Dizziness Heat exhaustion Dehydration
    24 : What to drink Water Milk Juice Gatorade (contains minerals) Avoid alcohol. Alcohol causes dehydration by stimulating urination
    25 : Stay hydrated Continue to replenish fluid during exercise 24 ounces of fluid for every pound of weight loss during exercise
    26 : Supplements Myth - Natural always means safe Fact – some herbal products can be dangerous Learn everything you can FDA tips
    27 : Ask your doctor before starting herbal supplements !
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