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    by: gaurav

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    1 : Summary Argentina is a beautiful country that is replete with myriad attractions and lures for people who are willing to put in money on tickets on flights to fly in here. There are attractions like Iguaçu Falls and Mendoza Wine Regions for people to explore.
    2 : Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Argentina beyond Buenos Aires Argentina is a large South American country that is known for its colourful people, its seductive tango and a range of riveting attractions. Tourists from all over the world plan holidays to Argentina to unearth the sea of delights that await them. Buenos Aires, the capital city, is undoubtedly the most potent charm that is held by Argentina. But there is a world beyond Buenos Aires’s city centre for tourists. Take a look at it.
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    4 : La Boca Holiday makers, who wish to enjoy the true flavours of Argentinean tours, a visit to La Boca is a must after boarding flights to Buenos Aires. La Boca is a popular tourist neighbourhood where people can take a look at the colourful houses and enjoy the street performers. One can also buy tango-related memorabilia at here. Iguaçu Falls Another fascinating attraction that awaits tourists in Argentina is the Iguaçu Falls. The falls is to be found on the border between Brazil and Argentina, and it is usually from the Argentinean side from where people reach the attraction. People can book flights to Puerto Iguazú and further buy train tickets to the of Devil’s Throat, the most remarkable of the many falls that constitute the Iguazu Falls.
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    6 : Perito Moreno Glacier Holiday makers who invest on tickets on flights to Argentina must incorporate the Perito Moreno Glacier in their sightseeing schedule. The glacier is located in the Los Glaciares National Park and it takes a less than 2-hour journey from El Calafate to reach here. There are viewing platforms that make the experience enjoyable for vacationers. Valdes Peninsula Holiday makers must also incorporate a tour to the Valdes Peninsula in case they desire an authentic experience of the country after having spent on tickets on flights to the region. The venue is noted for its interesting and unique natural gifts and is sure to give a thrill to travellers who are visiting the region. People can locate sea lions and elephant seals by the coastline. One can even greet penguins in case holidays are planned around October-March.
    7 : Mendoza Wine Regions Wine lovers would surely not like to miss out on an experience to explore the Mendoza wine region, which is unquestionably the heart of wine industry in the country. Found in the eastern foothills of the Andes, the vineyards are truly spectacular. Vacationers who wish to unravel these charms can opt for any of the many tour options available. Further, tours involving rafting and skiing are also at hand. A host of other attractions and activities await vacationers who book tickets and board flights to Argentina and are looking to move beyond the Buenos Aires’s city centre to sate their touristy desires!!

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