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    by: sophie

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    1 : Top Fitness Tips for Sports Persons
    2 : Mix up Cardio and Muscle Training Cardiovascular exercise combined with muscle training workouts can improve your fitness. Cardio exercise helps to keep your heart healthy. Muscle training improves your posture.
    3 : Interval Training to Burn up Calories It requires alternative workouts of high intensity with lower ones. Taking rest in between is also important. Alternating cardio with strength again with muscle training or resistance training can help in making you get more stronger and burn more calories.
    4 : Lift Heavy Enough for a Change Increase your repetitions with heavy lifting strength training. In between your hard workouts, take enough rest. Raise your strength building workouts by weighing heavy lifts.
    5 : Get started with Warm-Up Try out with light aerobic activities by simply stretching your important muscle groups. This will make your body temperature up and down that helps you prepare your muscles for the workout. This can also help you in preventing injuries.
    6 : Wear the right clothing Wear light-colored clothing that will help you keep cooler and absorbs your sweat. This is very essential while exercising outdoors. Also be sure to choose right clothing for the right sport.
    7 : Choosing the Right Shoes Poor fitting shoes will affect your workouts. Take your own time to choose the right shoes that fits you rightly. Before wearing test it well in the store by wearing. Also choose the type of socks that would match your shoes.
    8 : Increase your Stability with Exercise Ball Make use of Swiss ball that can provide you the core stability. Using an exercise ball can increase your stableness and posture that in turn will give you better shape. You can do a lots of exercise with simple ball that will add better benefits in your weight loss campaign.
    9 : Workout Daily Whatever the exercise you do, try to do it daily. You can vary it with other effective workouts, but don’t quit exercising. As you know when you stop your workouts suddenly you will have higher chances of gaining back your fat.
    10 : Happy Exercising!

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