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    by: allen

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    1 : Top Ten Caves Visited In North America
    2 : 10:Kartchner Caverns State Park, Arizona These caverns are located in Arizona near the town of Benson. They were discovered in 1974 by local spelunkers and have been popular ever since. There are incredible stalactites and other cave features that people on tours can view.
    3 : 09:Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico The Carlsbad Caverns are a cave system located among the Guadalupe Mountains in New Mexico. The Caverns are actually part of a National Park and there are cave tours offered here daily and there is even an elevator to the visit center. 
    4 : 08:Mammoth Cave – Kentucky The Mammoth Cave is located in a National Park in Kentucky and is part of the longest cave system in the world. There are over 600km of explored passageways and is twice as long as the next most explored cave system.
    5 : 07:Bonnechere Caves, Ontario The Bonnechere Caves are caves located in Northern Ontario. They are very well known and locally popular. There are tours being operated throughout the caves during the summer season but the caving are off limits during winter months.
    6 : 6:Onondaga Cave, Missouri These caves are located in Onondaga Cave State Park in Crawford County, Missouri. The caves were discovered over 100 years ago and offer a stunning view of stalagmites and limestone features. 
    7 : 5:Fantastic Cave Pit, Georgia The Fantastic Cave Pit, otherwise known as Ellison’s Cave, is located in Walker County, Georgia. While it’s not nearly the deepest cave in the U.S, you can find the longest underground pitch here called Fantastic Pit.
    8 : 04:Castleguard Cave, British Columbia The Castleguard Cave is a limestone cave system in the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia. This is Canada’s longest cave, the fifth deepest, and has over 20km of explored passageways. The cave is very remote and is not often visited by tourists. 
    9 : 03:Cave of Crystals, Mexico The Cave of Crystals is a cave system in Chihuahua, Mexico.  It is connected to a lead mine and is full of these incredible selenite crystals which are some of the largest natural crystals in the world. 
    10 : 02:Polar Caves, New Hampshire The Polar Caves in New Hampshire is one of the most interesting cave systems in North America. The caves were formed from granite boulders and are located deep in the White Mountains. Many tourists visit the caves.
    11 : 01:Cave of the Swallows, Mexico The Cave of the Swallows in Aquismon, Mexico is an open-air pit cave with one of the largest known cave shafts in the entire world and is tall enough that you can essentially fit a skyscraper inside. 
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