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    by: Rogers

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    1 : Transfantasia 2003 Lisa Kim, Michelle Kwon, Tina Lin
    2 : Introduction - Transformation From Merriam-Webster Online ( 1 : an act, process, or instance of transforming 1 a : to change in composition or structure1 b : to change the outward form or appearance of1 c : to change in character or condition transforming
    3 : Fantasia vs. Transfantasia Fantasia 2000: "a montage of state of the art animated short films set to classical music" ( Transfantasia 2003: a "transformation" of fantasia 2000 in the way that the format is similar, but the contents are displayed in a different media. There is an educational element to Fantasia, and this is preserved in Transfantasia 2003. Fantasia is in movie form --> Transfantasia is in powerpoint slide form!
    4 : Transfantasia 2003 serves to educate its audience of the different types of media people transform classical music into: Introduction - Transfantasia Pure pop music remix Remix & visual representation Video game music
    5 : Classical Era: 1750-1820 Some classical composers:-Ludwig Van Beethoven (1770-1827)-Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)-Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)-Frederic Chopin (1810-1849) Transformation: Classical Music to Modern Pop Music “Pop” = Popular music nowadays- repetitions- familiar – easy to learn- heavily rhythmic
    6 : HISTORY Für Elise is a beginning piano piece (1867) Original title: Clavierstuck in A mull (Keyboard piece in A minor) Beethoven had autographed the piece in German with dedication: "For Elise on April 27, 1810, as a remembrance of L. v. Beethoven.“ Beethoven’s Für Elise FORM Rhythm: consistent Meter: 3/8 Sixteenth notes, yet flows smoothly
    7 : Für Elise Turns Techno Vanessa Mae: an incredible violinist and began her classical training with the violin at age 5. FORM Rhythm: inconsistent Meter: 2/4 Eighth notes, but sounds very agitated
    8 : Transformation: Classical Music to Visual & Other Modern Music Disco: popular dance music in the ‘70s with strong repetitive bass rhythms – originated during Big Band Era. Use of:-Real instruments-Emerging technology-Multiple mixes-Extended single-Remixes Influenced heavily techno music Classical:-structure-simpler-less contrapuntal-less mathematical-more pleasing to the ear Beethoven: noted genius in music known for his short temper and elaborate writing style
    9 : Beethoven’s 5th Symphony: Exposition of first theme Exposition of second theme Development Recap Coda Significant first 4 notes: knocking of fate on one’s door most famous notes in western music today Fifth Symphony……A Fifth of Beethoven “Remixes” by: Electric Light Orchestra – a disco band/orchestra that created a hybrid between the old sounds of classical & new sounds of disco Walter Murphy – “I had this crazy idea to take symphonic music and combine it with contemporary rhythm.”
    10 : Fifth Symphony in Fantasia 2000 aiming for familiarity with emotion, but abstract Interpretation: There are two sides – good and evil, represented: …musically by powerful melody of first exposition vs. lyrical melody of the second. …visually by butterflies vs. bats (also differ in color, size, shape)
    11 : Video games date back Constantly updating- system change, Nintendo to Super Nintento to Nintendo 64 to Nintendo Gamecube, etc. Relevant to modern society Appeal effort is ever increasing, music important factor What aspects draw video game composers to classical music/high culture? Transformation: Classical Music to Video Game music
    12 : Fugal structure primary structure in Baroque Era Johann Sebastian Bach, 1685-1750, utilized in his preludes and fugues Super Mario RPG, Super Nintendo, 1996 Utilizes fugal structure to symbolize castle setting, background music comp.lst/bachjs.html pscn5047.html StructureBach = Super Mario
    13 : Choral progression important in 18th century counterpoint and chorale writing Mondonville, 1711-1772, utilized choral progression and texture Final Fantasy VIII, Playstation,1999 Utilizes chorale-type chord progression to depict an important moment ff81.htm Chord ProgressionFinal Fantasy VIII
    14 : Romantic Era- experimental, utilized different types of voices and styles in composition Fredrick Chopin, 1810-1849, pioneer in change of melodic line and voice Dance Dance Revolution, Playstation 2, 2001 Utilized direct conversion of actual musical context into digital orchestration/techno categorie.php3?metier=chanteur19 ContourChopin = Dance Dance Revolution
    15 : Thus, structure, progression, and contour are part of the appeal of Classical music. Classical music can be deemed a product of High Culture. Then, the transformation of Classical music into video game music can be deemed a utilization of high culture in order to appeal to society today. Conclusion

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