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    by: Rogers

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    1 : Use of the Career Thoughts Inventory James P. Sampson, Jr., Gary W. Peterson, Robert C. Reardon, Janet G. Lenz, & Denise E. Saunders Florida State University Copyright 2000 by James P. Sampson, Jr., Gary W. Peterson, Robert C. Reardon, Janet G. Lenz, and Denise E. Saunders All Rights Reserved
    2 : Negative Career Thoughts Some negative thinking is normal Too much negative thinking makes career decision making more difficult may cause you to avoid decisions that need to be made
    3 : CTI Total Score Identifies your total amount of negative career thoughts on the CTI Can suggest how much help you may need to make a good career decision “The Wall”
    4 : Amount of Negative Career Thoughts
    5 : CTI Scale Scores People vary in their negative career thoughts CTI scale scores Decision-making confusion Commitment anxiety External conflict “The Uneven Wall”
    6 : Identifying the Nature of Negative Career Thoughts
    7 : Identifying the Nature of Negative Career Thoughts Decision-Making Confusion
    8 : Identifying the Nature of Negative Career Thoughts Decision-Making Confusion Commitment Anxiety
    9 : Identifying the Nature of Negative Career Thoughts External Conflict Decision-Making Confusion Commitment Anxiety
    10 : Decision-Making Confusion Difficult to begin or continue with career decision making due to negative feelings confusion about decision making
    11 : Commitment Anxiety Difficult to commit to a specific career choice, along with strong worries about decision making
    12 : External Conflict Difficult to to balance the importance of your ideas with the importance of ideas of family members and friends, making a choice more difficult
    13 : Improving Career Decision Making Replacing negative career thoughts with more positive career thoughts leads to better choices
    14 : Impact of Positive and Negative Thoughts Positive Thoughts Stay motivated Actively seek info Stay focused Think clearly about options Make good use of ideas from others Make good use of help when needed Follow through Negative Thoughts Be discouraged Avoid taking action Be easily distracted Be confused about options Be overwhelmed with ideas from others Avoid getting help when needed Fail to follow-through
    15 : Improving Career Decision Making Four steps to improving your career thoughts: 1) Identify - Become aware of your negative career thoughts 2) Challenge - Consider if these thoughts make sense and help you in making choices 3) Alter - If your thoughts are negative, then change these thoughts 4) Act - Take the action you need to make good career choices
    16 : “Red Flag” Words Make career thoughts more negative Examples: no, all, can't, never, whenever, and always. Make it more likely that your career thoughts are false Use these "red flags" to signal that you are thinking negatively
    17 : Brief Statements on CTI Items Show how negative thoughts complicate and interfere with your ability to make career decisions Provide information on how to better explore your career choices and make decisions
    18 : Individual Action Plan Break big decisions into small concrete steps The resources and activities that can help you to make a choice and act on your decision
    19 : Improving Your Ability to Make Good Decisions

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