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    1 : Every vehicle is thoroughly tested and inspected by the manufacturer before selling it and by the purchaser before it is put to use. A proper attention given to lubrication, cleaning, timely inspection and systematic maintenance. Maintenance of a vehicle means efforts directed towards the increasing performance of a vehicle. Thus maintenance helps for smooth and efficient working of the vehicle. What is Maintenance
    2 : In order to keep ready to use condition at any time with satisfactory operation of a motor vehicle, it is necessary to provide maintenance attention to certain specified items of the motor vehicle at regular intervals. Regular maintenance generally includes oil changes, Filter changes, chassis lubrication, tyre service, Engine tune up etc Vehicle maintenance in general is the process of keeping motor vehicle in good running condition. The maintenance further reduces breakdown and reduces repair costs. The maintenance further reduces breakdown and reduces repair costs NECESSITY OF VEHICLE MAINTENANCE
    4 : Preventive maintenance is also known as planned maintenance or "Systematic maintenance. prevention is better than cure. The preventive maintenance helps to find out the reasons leading breakdown and to rectify them, when they are in minor stages. for reducing maintenance cost and to keep the good operational condition of the vehicle and hence increases the reliability of the vehicle. 1) PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE SYSTEM
    5 :   To obtain maximum availability of the vehicle by avoiding breakdowns. To keep the vehicle in proper condition. To minimise the wear and tear of the components of the vehicles and thus to increase the life time of the vehicle. To ensure for the safety of the driver. To keep the vehicle at the maximum performance condition i.e. to give max. efficiency and economical travel. To ensure safety for other road users. Objective
    6 : 1. Inspection or check - up. 2. Lubrication. 3. Planning and analysis. 4. Record and analysis. 5. Storage of spare parts. FUNCTIONS OR ELEMENTS OF PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE PROGRAME.
    7 : Reduction in breakdowns of the vehicle. It increases the performance of the vehicle & also the life of the vehicle. Less expenditure on repairs. lt ensures the drivers safety. It minimises the wear and tear of the vehicle. If the vehicle is kept idle for long time, following preventive maintenance will be taken. Thoroughly wash and lubricate vehicle to avoid corrosion. Place the vehicle on clean ground. Remove spark plug, pour a little engine oil into the spark plug the holes with cork ADVANTAGES OF PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE SYSTEM.
    8 : Drain the petrol tank. radiator and clean cylinder blocks. Remove battery from vehicle and empty it. Regular check up all tyre pressure.
    9 : It is known as operative maintenance system. It is the attention provided to motor vehicle, after in operation in specified time or covered distance. Some items are checked at frequent intervals, whenever vehicles goes out on road. Where as some items are checked, less frequently. This maintenance may be done daily, weekly, monthly & yearly. SHEDULED MAINTENANCE SYSTEM
    10 : When we have engage in preventive work as the part of the maintenance work, we attend to schedule, the job. Good schedules also reduce waiting time of vehicle. Even greater importance to the"business is that scheduled maintenance can improve profit, by avoiding brake downs. The basic objectives of maintenance scheduling is to insure that, the smooth running of vehicle & obtain maximum work from vehicle. NECESSITY OF SHEDULE
    11 : Provide for performanceoof small no. of emergency job without a major disturbance of the planned schedule. Provide for flexibility & the adjustment, which might be needed in .the event of emergency circumstances, which would not seriously affect the planned schedule. In scheduling certain needs must be considered
    13 : LIGHT VEHICLE. L.
    14 : TWO WHEELER
    15 : BREAKDOWN MAINTENANCE Breakdown maintenance system is the attention provided when a motor vehicle is stopped due to faults created during running. These faults are starting difficulties, puncture, electrical faults, carburettor and fuel supply faults, overheating, breakage & accidents etc. Breakdown of a vehicle can occur due to following main two reasons. 1) Due to unpredictable failures of components which can not be prevented. 2) Due to gradual wear & tear of the parts of the vehicle.
    16 : In breakdown maintenance defects are rectified only when the vehicle can not run Breakdown maintenance :- Failure to replace worn-out parts Lack of lubrication Neglected cooling system Negligence towards minor faults. Due to overloading, overrunning of the vehicle. Negligence towards the unusual-vibrations of the vehicles, abnormal sound coming out of the running vehicle, overheating of the engine.
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    18 : A no. of stock documents, helps supervisor to keep track of activity going on the shop. This documents make the tracing of vehicle maintenance history. The guidelines of current maintenance and repair based on last repairs & the projection of further repair with reference to the vehicle. Documents also provides the fleet supervisor with invaluable data for analysis, productivity, quality of work. Vendor Service Work order:- The supervisor is responsible for initiating order & fills out most of it. It should contain the signature of both person, owner of the vehicle and supervisor, Work Order:-Supervisor is responsible for initiating work order & requirement of remaining section of order are completed by machine operator. Performing the work by the work order, he returns the completed job. If no exception is noted, the supervisor signature certifies that he satisfied with the work performed as per given instructions or work order. RECORD KEEPING
    19 : Park the vehicle on the servicing ramp. Place the stopper at the front and rear of the wheel. Using the compressed air clean the vehicle from inside. After cleaning inside wash the vehicle from outside. While washing the vehicle ,clean the vehicle under the chassis portion first. to remove the wear and mud parts. Inspection of chassis. Check the transmission of differential, engine oil. if viscosity is less drain the oil. top of new oil. By using grease gun insert grease where require. Check the battery constantly. while charging the alternator. Check wheels for tyre rotations. VEHICLE SERVICING PROCEDURE
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