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    by: Gordon

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    1 : What is Value Added Product? Value Added Product By Myo Min Htut BBA, MA, MBA
    2 : Product: Definition Product can be broadly defined as: * physical objects * services * events * persons * places * organizations * ideas * or mixes of these entities
    3 : Classification of Product: Product can be classify into two major sections: * Product as tangible asset * Product as Intangible asset
    4 : Tangible/Intangible Product Tangible product is what we call physical object. Intangible product is features.
    5 : Value added product: Physical object with features create values. Features are assembled and united for the same purpose of creating values. Features meet the needs and wants of the consumers. Product features which does not satisfy the needs and wants of the consumers fail to function as value added product. Due to the marketing needs and wants are intangible features of the consumers, only the intangible features of the product can meet and satisfy.
    6 : Product Diagram: Function
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