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    by: Sridhar

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    1 : Walk the Path of Tolerance Imagine a world where everything is as we wish it to be, a world where everyone meets our standards, our idea of perfection, where people get our approval and do exactly what we want them to do.
    2 : Just Imagine
    3 : How stimulating, exciting and practical is that? Well, the reality is, it can’t happen The world will continue to be a melting pot, people are different. Same in their own ways, everyday can bring something new.Some things to delight us, some to shock. Some we approve of, some we don’t
    4 : We know this Yet we continue to crib, complain, criticize that “they” don’t get it. That they are being stubborn, difficult, stuck in time, living in an ivory tower. That they are immature, irresponsible, stupid, egoistic, selfish. That they should wake up and smell the coffee……
    5 : We spend our precious time and energies debating, arguing, persuading We scream, threaten, drop names, display illusionary, non existent authority We use every trick known to us to get them to agree to our way of thinking And we fail We fail time and again and we just don’t get it
    6 : We get frustrated, angry, upset. Pound our heads on imaginary stone walls. Build up stress, lots of unwanted, unhealthy stress. Then we complain about that too later. Do you agree? Does it happen to you?
    7 : So how do we come to terms with this and handle the fact that we can’t control or change everything. That we cannot get everyone to agree to our perspective of “right“ “wrong” “good” “bad“ “ok“. That others have a point of view which may not necessarily be similar or in agreement with ours and most importantly, that they are entitled to the same. How can we accept it? What do you think will help?
    8 : Tolerance ( As this term is used broadly, for the purpose of this blog the following Oxford dictionary meaning applies ) The ability or willingness to tolerate the existence of opinions or behavior that one dislikes or disagrees in the next slide’s point.
    9 : Tolerance Much needed but scarce these days, the magic wand for greater peace and cooperation. Higher levels of collaboration and teamwork, increased productivity and achievement. And not to forget, inner peace.
    10 : Tolerance Less conflict, more support Less hate, more appreciation Less disputes, more agreements Less arguments, more ideas Less resistance, more creativity.
    11 : Tolerance Live, let live, accept, learn and grow. Human diversity makes tolerance more than a virtue; it makes it a requirement for survival. ~  Rene Dubos
    12 : Five questions worth reflecting over: 1. Can you be more tolerant? 2. Where can you be more tolerant? 3. How would you benefit? 4. How would others around you benefit? 5. What can you do today to be more tolerant?
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