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    by: Lico Reis

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    1 : Ways to Destroy our Professional Life Self-Defeating Behaviors
    2 : It is being quite difficult to deal with all the challenges that our companies have been facing lately. And in many cases we are all hostages of our own companies measures when they define their future investments and international policies. Ways to Destroy our Professional Life Introduction
    3 : But there are other elements that can be an obstacle to our professional life improvement: Unfair competition, Financial crisis, Health problems, Self-defeating behaviors. Ways to Destroy our Professional Life Important
    4 : Ways to Destroy our Professional Life Self-Defeating Behavior - Definition Self-defeating behavior is the concept that people knowingly do things that will cause them to fail or bring them trouble in their lives It is defined as “any deliberate or intentional behavior that has clear, definitely or probably negative effects on the self or on the self’s projects” (Scher & Baumeister 1988).
    5 : Maybe you are not aware that some people have a high tendency to destroy their own careers. Sometimes, they sabotage their entire professional life in a matter of minutes through wrong emotional reactions or aggressive words. Ways to Destroy our Professional Life Are you aware?
    6 : Through the Internet and the social media anyone can instantly talk about us or share anything regarding our actions and misbehaviors, spreading them along with our professional and social networking. And such event is always a disaster. Ways to Destroy our Professional Life We should be careful!
    7 : We should avoid demanding a promotion during a recession or a company crisis. When doing that we could be forcing our boss to take a tough decision about our job position and existence! The best strategy is to follow the market and its trends, avoiding any wrong doings or lack of common sense. Ways to Destroy our Professional Life 01. Being too ambitious
    8 : Being angry and upset are one of the most unproductive business approaches ever. Most people defeated themselves through their own bitter statements and angry behaviors. Angry words leave a long trail and people will always remember our bitterness not our positive approach and behavior. Ways to Destroy our Professional Life 02. Getting too angry and upset
    9 : Sometimes we have been involved in so many goals and projects that we lost the touch and the energy of improving. We got ourselves completely lost and tired. We should be careful about our professional actions and constantly check them up, verifying if they really fit our core business and professional life. Ways to Destroy our Professional Life 03. Losing our direction (core business)
    10 : Lying is one of the most common self-defeating behaviors. We can get caught at any moment and such circumstances will dramatically affect any future business decisions and opportunities. Don’t try to become something you are not while there is plenty of value in who you are and what you do. Ways to Destroy our Professional Life 04. Lying about ourselves
    11 : Adding new tasks without dealing with the old ones is a fast way to delay decisions and results, jeopardizing our company and professional performance. We must priorize our activities, sharing with our boss or team our concerns and expectations about any future assignments. Ways to Destroy our Professional Life 05. Adding tasks without reorganizing your job
    12 : Any kind of misbehavior - lying, cheating, faking, stealing - cannot remain secret for a long time, specially in our internet age. Such mistake will show up somewhere and somehow — in routine audits, unrelated police investigations, smartphone photos by strangers, or any casual gossip. Ways to Destroy our Professional Life 06. We will get away with it
    13 : We should not be so concerned about self-defeating since there is always a way to avoid or to deal with any negative behavior: Know yourself. Develop a strong common sense. Ways to Destroy our Professional Life Dealing with our self-defeating behavior
    14 : When we start knowing about ourselves, we start developing a strong awareness about our weaknesses and strengths. And it helps us to better visualize the opportunities that could fit our career and life goals. And based on such perception we can establish ways to self-improvement through a solid approach and methodology. Ways to Destroy our Professional Life A. Knowing yourself
    15 : When we learn to develop and improve our common sense about the company and place where we are located, we automatically start establishing positive relationships based on respect and care. It is much easier to understand what is really reasonable and fits our career and our company. Ways to Destroy our Professional Life B. Developing a common sense
    16 : We would like to thank the following writers for their expressive contribution for this presentation: Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Five Self-Defeating Behaviors that Ruin Companies and Careers. Catherine Adenle, Want to Destroy Your Career? See 8 Ways. Nance Rosen, How to Destroy Your Career - Susan Gunelius, 3 Fears that could destroy your career. Ways to Destroy our Professional Life Our References
    17 : Feel free to send us an e-mail. Our Website: Our E-mails: Linkedin: Roberto de Paula Lico Júnior Skype: roberto.lico Twitter: @licoreis Ways to Destroy our Professional Life Our Business Contacts

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