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    Add as FriendWhat can I say when I talk to myself.

    by: Gorg

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    1 : What I Can Say When I Talk To Myself Please click each slide to advance >
    2 : My mind has a creative mechanism that's designed to create solutions that are perfect for me, without ever causing harm to myself or others I can now breathe, relax and feel my brain starting to feel better and better...
    3 : There is a way that I learn best and as I breath and relax, I reach around for it in my mind and when I find it, it feels just right for me. Instead of saying “I can’t” I now say, There it is There it is There it is And my mind WILL respond.
    4 : When uncomfortable situations happen and I feel like I messed up it's a powerful thing to be kind to myself and ask, "What is going on for me that I reacted the way that I did?" Asking “what” not “why” helps me get to the heart of the good that’s trying to happen for me now. I can ask myself, "Was I feeling hurt, afraid, stupid, lonely or less than?"
    5 : What I can say when I talk to myself about any of these feelings can be as simple as what I would compassionately say to a frightened, embarrassed or hurt friend... I love you I'm so sorry I believe in you You CAN do it! I think you are WONDERFUL
    6 : As I take a nice, slow b r e a t h, relax and get quiet, the creative mechanism of my mind will give me a solution I can hear and understand. There is no failure, only results. IF I don’t like the results I am getting it just means there is a better way, and I can find it through the creative mechanism of my mind.
    7 : I am the only one in life who can truly abandon me and telling myself this, as often as I need to, is what will calm me down and give me peace of mind.
    8 : I love and approve of myself. This does not make me self involved. Telling myself this helps me be calm and focused so I can be productive and also have so much more to offer. As I love and approve of myself envy and jealousy dissolve and fall away because I know, that Who I Am, Makes A Difference and that's my special contribution that matters.
    9 : When I feel like I'm bad, I can go do something good for somebody else. I can forgive myself, and I can always begin again.
    10 : When I feel like a failure, I can say to myself... I am now succeeding in an easy, relaxed manner. I am now achieving my goals and dreams in an easy, relaxed manner.
    11 : When I feel discouraged and like I don’t matter but I really want to feel better and productive I can play music, with positive lyrics, that give me courage regardless of any situation I may be experiencing.
    12 : When I feel unwanted, I can always decide to want me. I can gently and easily free myself from all limiting, self-defeating, self-deprecating thoughts and feelings by remembering that I Make A Difference
    13 : The more I remember that I Make A Difference, the more I am attractive and engaging with others
    14 : the more attractive and engaging I am with others the more I make a difference
    15 : the more difference I make the more I am choosing thoughts that make me feel happy and loved
    16 : the more happy and loved I feel, the more of my best self I am growing into. My happiness is an inside job.
    17 : I can be discerning about what is not OK and what is. All of my “best self wisdom” is available inside of me when I shut off the noisy world around me and wait for new solutions to come to me the right and best way will come through the creative mechanism of my mind.
    18 : When I feel stressed out I can tell myself I am relaxing now I am relaxed, open and receptive to success. I am receiving successful ideas and I am experiencing successful results now!
    19 : I can change the way I think by how positively I talk to myself and this will change my life for the better...
    20 : I achieve great results efficiently. I always find the easiest and most pleasurable way to get things done. I am here to Make A Difference and a Difference I Will Make I DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE
    21 : Credits go to various photographers found scattered on the Net. Practically all backdrop scenery is Maltese. Music Choice:- Oneness Music Artist: Paduc. I hope the show was to your liking.

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