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    by: emma

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    1 : What is Commercial Photography?
    2 : Commercial photography, also known as professional product photography is the form of photography which involves clicking photos of various types of products including buildings, merchandise, artifacts, landscapes, etc. for commercial use. These pictures are used in adverts, catalogs, manuals, leaflets, and other similar promo materials. Basically, professional product photography is used for promoting or selling a product or service and, is thus, different from advertising photography.
    3 : 1. Professional commercial photography helps in Selling a Product While advertising photography focuses on a concept or theme and several objects in a single shot, commercial photography focuses solely on the product, and aims to show either its design or use of the product. The idea is to make the product the main attraction and to tempt customers to purchase it.
    4 : 2. Professional commercial photography helps in Promoting a Business In this type a business is considered as a single product and highlighted in the picture. Some aspects of the business can also be focused in Commercial Photography. For egg., shooting the office building of the business. 3. Commercial photography includes Food Photography In businesses such as restaurants or for culinary sections in magazines, Food Photography comes into use. The focus of such shots is generally on the food, menu or the venue.
    5 : 4. Commercial photography includes Fashion Photography One of the most prominent types of commercial photography, Fashion photography is used in both adverts as well as magazine editorials. An example is catalog photos which highlight the entire detail of clothing. 5. Professional commercial photography includes Portrait Photography This type includes individual and family portraits, wedding photos, etc. aimed to focus on an individual or group of people. And though it is somewhat difficult to imagine this type as part of Product Photography, it’s pretty popular and is a service provided by a lot of photographers and photography outlets.
    6 : Advice to Improve Your Commercial Product Photography Skills Professional Product Photography gives a lot of stress to skill and accuracy, and therefore, should be done in a way that it looks professional and not amateurish.
    7 : The below listed advice can help: 1. Appropriate Lighting As applicable to other categories of photography, the appropriate type of lighting is crucial to a successful commercial photography. It is important to stress the best of the product, and improper light can create undesirable effects like shadows and reflections that can mar the photograph. You might think of making use of strobe lighting or handle the camera shutter to make use of the lighting.
    8 : 2. Create Great Setup A good Commercial Photographer knows the importance of creating the perfect setup for the object in focus depending on the ambient conditions. For egg, sometimes minimalist shot is the best choice while at other times a more dramatic shot consisting of bold light and colors can be more desirable. And so, creating the relevant atmosphere can lead to a great picture. 3. Making Use of The Angles If you aim to ditch the boring front-on angles, it’s a good idea to click multiple angle shots of the object. This can lead to a fresh take on normal products while generating an exciting end result using professional commercial photography.
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