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    by: Rogers

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    1 : Unit 4 Advertising Basics of advertising Language associated with advertising
    2 : Key words advertise advertisement advertising advertiser advertising agency advert ad
    3 : Warm-up Discussion What are your impressions of advertising in daily life? What part has advertising played in your purchase or selection of products or services? What is your attitude towards advertising, positive or negative?
    4 : Discussion What is advertising?
    5 : What is advertising? Advertising is the nonpersonal communication of information, usually paid for and usually persuasive in nature, about products (goods and services), or ideas by identified sponsors through the various media. — AMA
    6 : Advertising’s role in marketing Marketing is a process—a series of actions or methods that take place sequentially—aimed at satisfying customer needs profitably. This process includes developing products, pricing them strategically, making them available to customers through a distribution network, and promoting them through sales and advertising activities. 4Ps (marketing mix): product, pricing, place (distribution) & promotion (communication)
    7 : Advertising’s role in marketing Advertising is one of the numerous tools used in the promotion, or communication aspect of marketing. (a promotional or communication tool)
    8 : Functions of Advertising To identify products and differentiate them from others. (branding) To communicate information. To induce consumers to try new products and to suggest reuse. (new and repeated consumers) To stimulate the distribution. To build brand awareness, preference and loyalty. To lower the cost of sales. (For the cost of reaching just one prospect through personal selling, companies can reach thousands of people through media advertising.)
    9 : Classifications of Advertising Classification by target audience (????): Consumer advertising: aimed at people who buy for their own use Business advertising: aimed at people who buy for use in business Classification by geographic area: International/global advertising (foreign markets) National advertising Regional advertising (in one area or region) Local advertising (in only one city or local trading area)
    10 : Classifications of Advertisement Classification by medium: Print advertising (newspaper, magazines, brochures, flyers) Electronic advertising (television, radio: commercials; Internet) Outdoor advertising (billboards, kiosks, public transport, events) Direct-mail advertising (through the Postal Service and by e-mail) POP (point of purchase) advertising
    11 : Advertising Media & Methods wall paintings web banners web popups mobile telephone screens shopping carts skywriting human directional town criers ????? blimps painted vehicles “logojets” in-flight ads subway platforms shopping bags inflatables train cars event tickets and supermarket receipts e-mails (spam) street furniture p.31
    12 : Reading & Discussion pp.32-33: Questions: Outdoor advertising is increasing in many countries. Is this a good thing? What products do you think are suitable for outdoor advertising? Make a list of the advantages and disadvantages of the major media.
    13 : What makes a good advertisement? Listening: p.31 Product Reasons for liking ____________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________ ________________________________________________
    14 : What makes a good advertisement? Discussion: What is your favourite ad? Why? What is the ad you dislike most? Why? Make a summary of the elements of a good ad.
    15 : What makes a good advertisement? Creative and effective ads should seek to: Attract attention and retain attention. Communicate the key benefits Achieve the objective of the advertising strategy. Avoid errors, especially legal ones.
    16 : Characteristics of advertising English Brief ?? Affability ?? Creativity ?? Dainty ?? ? “KISS” principle: Keep it simple, stupid. Keep it sweet & simple. Keep it short & simple.
    17 : Successful advertising campaigns p.33 Listening

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