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    by: linda

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    1 : Commodity Market Commodity market is a market where raw or primary products like food, metal, electricity, gold, silver etc. are exchanged. Trading of Commodities are done on regulated commodity exchanges in which they are brought & sold. Trading also consists of direct physical and derivatives trading.
    2 : Commodity Trading Commodity Trading is investment strategy which involves trading of physical substances like metals, food grains etc. in global market to make profit from expected increase in price. Commodity trading is done on major exchanges through standardized contracts. Prices of commodities are determined by supply and demand of goods in global market.
    3 : Why Commodity Trading Earning Profit. As many traders and speculators trade in commodities, so it is the most liquid market in world. It also provides leverage which allows traders to operate on margin which means people can make large transactions by paying small part of total transaction value. Commodities allows you to make profit by even by falling market.
    4 : How to trade in commodities Offline Channel :By hiring a broker who can easily manage your portfolio without you spending time on it. Online Channel: It is usually cheaper method. For more details visit
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