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    communicatio system


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    1 : Electronic and Communication Engineering[E.C.E] Advanced Communication Engineering
    2 : Electronic communication engineering is the one of the branch in engineering. Most of the students like to choose this branch.
    3 : First we have to know the what is electronic engineering? What is electrons? What is communication?
    4 : ELECTRONICS Electronics are the electric equipments. It is deals with the conduction of the electricity through the vacuum,gases and semiconductors.
    5 : COMMUNICATION Communication is a process of transmission and reception of information by many ways. Such as mobile,telephone cables,satellites,optical fibers.
    6 : Advanced Communication Engineering Types of communications Wireless communication Optical fiber communication Satellite communication Mobile communication Radar communication
    7 : Wireless Communication Wireless communication means transfers the data or information with out using any electical eauipments. Wireless communication mostly used in telecommunication industry to refer the telecommunication system. Information trasfers the in the manner of both long and short distance. Ex: radio frequency,infrared light,laser light,visuble light e.t.c
    8 : Optical fiber communication Optical fiber communication is mediater for telecommunication and networking. It is very flexiable and can be bundle of fiber cables. It is very useful for long-distance communications. Light propagates through the fiber with the little attenuation compared to the electrical fibres.
    9 : Optical fiber communication A single fiber cable carry the much more data than the electical cables. There is no-cross link between in different cables.
    10 : Satellite Communication Satellite is a communication device. It is using for the transfering the data and the monitoring purpose. In this type we use the transmitter,reciever,antenna and satellite. Transmitter is a device who transmit the information to the satellite and this is also called as ground station. This link is called uplink frequency. Receiver is device who receives the information or data from the satellite. This link is called lowlink.
    11 : Radar Communication Radar is an object detection system that uses electromagnetic waves to identify the range,altitude,direction,or speed of moving or fixed objects. The signal returned is usuallyvery weak, the signal can be amplified through use of electronic techniques in the receiver and in the antenna configuration.

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