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    communication channel


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    1 : Zulqarnain Alam Bcs 4th
    2 : Presentation Topic Communication Channel
    3 : Contents Guided Media Wire Pair Coaxial Cable Fiber Optics Un Guided Media Microwave system Broadcast Radio Infrared
    4 : Communication Channel The path through which the data is transmitted from one place to another. The amount of data can be transferred through a communication channel in a unit of time is called band width.
    5 : Guided Media Communication devices are directly connected with each other through physical media like wires. Wire pair Coaxial Cable Fiber Optics
    6 : Wire Pair In the form of pair. Made up of copper. The pair of wire is twisted together to reduce noise. Its speed is 9600 bits per second It is normally use in local telephone communication. Wire pair is inexpensive.
    7 : Twisted pair
    8 : Coaxial Cable It consist of a copper wire covered by insulating material.The insulated copper wire is covered with copper mesh.Which protects the cable from electromagnetic waves. It is used for long distance telephone lines and local area networks. It is more expensive then wire pair.
    9 : Coaxial Cable
    10 : Fiber optics Fiber optics is also known as light pulse media. It uses binary method of data transfer. It is made up of a thin glass fiber. Data transfer rate of fiber optic is very past. There is no chance of data loss.
    11 : The advantage of fiber optic is that data only has to be converted into light because it is already in binary form. It is very expensive and difficult to install. It is normally used in internet services long distance telecommunication and LANs.
    12 : Fiber Optics
    13 : Unguided Media In unbounded media, communication devices communicate with each other through air or space using broadcast radio signals, microwave signals and infrared signals. Unbounded media is used where it is impossible to install cables. Microwaves Broadcast Radio Infrared
    14 : Micro waves Microwaves are radio waves that are used to provide high speed transmission. It uses line of sight transmission. It requires antennas to install.
    15 : Microwave system
    16 : Communication Satellite
    17 : Broadcast Radio It is a wireless transmission medium. It distribute radio signals through the air over short and long distances. Radio transmission requires a transmitter to send signals and a receiver to receive signals. An example is Bluetooth and Cellular radio.
    18 : Infrared Infrared (IR) is a wireless transmission media, it send signals using infrared light waves. It is alternative to short rang radio communication like Bluetooth.
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