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    by: Dhanu

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    1 : Person-Centered Therapy Dr. Arra PSY 202
    2 : Person-Centered Therapy Based on a philosophy of human nature as an innate striving for self-actualization Self-actualization: developing to one’s fullest potential Reaction to directive therapies (e.g., psychoanalysis, behavior therapy) Carl Rogers: humanist
    3 : Person-Centered Therapy Humanistic Therapy based on the ideas of self-empowerment, self-actualization, freedom, choices, values, purpose, meaning
    4 : Person-Centered Therapy THEORY People are honest, smart, and have ability to understand themselves People have the ability to solve their own problems People are capable of self-directed growth
    5 : Person-Centered Therapy PRIMARY DETERMINANTS OF THERAPY OUTCOME Attitudes and characteristics of therapists Quality of client/therapist relationship
    6 : Person-Centered Therapy Therapy is a permissive, non-directive climate Phenomenological approach: seeing and understanding others from their reference, perception Therapist: creates a growth promoting environment, non directive, not the expert, non controlling, caring, accepting, genuine..

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