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    by: pritish dash

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    1 :
    3 : Long long ago in the darkness of the woods lived a beautiful princess in a little cottage with her three pets Ink(a Kitten), Blink(a Mouse) & Mustard(a Dog).
    4 :
    5 : The door bell rang & Belinda rushed towards the door. She opened the door and found a stranger outside. Hello! Miss Belinda. I am a messenger of your great father king Richard. I don’t want anything from him. I hate my father.
    6 : He loves you very much. He had sent a pet to look after you. But I have already three pets with me But this one is not the same pet as before. None of your pets can compete with him. What could it be? Ok ! Show it to me
    7 : Wow! A pet dragon. Ok I accept the gift. That’s my honor mistress. What's his name? Not yet given. Fine. I will call him Custard. You may leave now.
    8 : The creature was a furious dragon. He has big sharp teeth, spikes on the top of him. His mouth resembles a fire place & nose like chimney. Belinda took the dragon to his house & introduced him with others. I am a stranger here. I am afraid. I need a safe cage.
    9 : Hey custard meet my other pets. you are going to love them These animals would kill me. I should be careful I am afraid Belinda. Please put me in some cage What type of dragon you are!!!! Are dragons coward? Dragons are courageous This is a very coward dragon
    10 : You are worth of nothing Custard Stop these talks .. You don’t know about his power. He is new here , you should not tease him Yes ,internal strength is nothing without eternal strength. we should visualize his eternal strength He has no courage at all. Coward!! Coward!!
    11 : I am more braver than you all . I can prove it. Ah.. They all think me a coward Ha.. Ha.. Ha.. What a joke!!! I am going out to my cage. I don’t want be a laughing stock here. Oh…. Poor Custard
    12 : After this issue Custard rushed towards the backyard with eyes full of water. He then hid himself in a safe cage. I am so coward . All of them tease me. What should I do???
    13 : CRACK!! CRACK!!CRACK!!HA…HA… HA… Who is it!!!...
    14 : Then there arrived the villain of villains -: A PIRATE, on whose name the whole world gets terrified impressions. Who is this devil? Where from these sounds are coming? What's happening here?
    15 : Ho Ho ..Ha Ha..He He….. The Pirate of the Pirates the great BLACK BEARD is standing against you. Ho Ho ..
    16 : Meow ! Meow! Lets run… His eyes are too furious! You are right. Where is Belinda? I am here to kidnap her and will draw money from her wealthy father. Ink , Blink , Mustard Where you all are!!! Save meee…
    17 : My last hope is CUSTARD. No one dare to face me O beauty. Not even your great father can escape from me. I should call him for help. CUSTARD
    18 : Ah this is my madam’s sound. she might be in danger My madam needs me. CUSTARD CUSTARD
    19 : No Custard , No Mustard , No Rustard can save you from me, O beauty. Ha Ha Ha …… Where are custard? I am too frightened. Don’t fear dear, Custard is here
    20 : Oh Custard my dear, Please save me from this devil Don’t worry Belinda . This pirate can’t escape from my hand. Dumpy coward dragon . Don’t think yourself a hero .I would kill you and feast your heart
    21 :
    22 :
    23 : Oh custard you saved my life. I have no means to thank you. I am sorry Belinda . I am a coward dragon.
    24 :
    25 : THANK YOU

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