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    Add as Friende-Commerce: Buying and Selling on the Internet

    by: Rogers

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    1 : e-Commerce: Buying and Selling on the Internet
    2 : The Internet and Selling How has the internet changed the way that items are bought and sold? How can farm business owners take advantage of the internet for buying or selling?
    3 : What We’ll Cover Selling on the Internet Buying on the Internet
    4 : Selling on the Internet Unless they have done it before, few know how to use the internet as a sales tool. There are different ways to use your website for sales. You may also use a third-party site to make sales
    5 : Question… What steps are necessary to make a sale in any format?
    6 : Selling on Your Website Conceptually no different from any other sales outlet Display products Answer questions Provide price information Allow customer to make the purchase Accept payment Provide product & receipt
    7 : Selling on Your Website To display your products, you should have a “catalog” that provides photo & written description with price Thumbnail photos (Database or static interface) Electronic Publication (Can print & view offline)
    8 : Selling on Your Website Facilitating the Transaction Two basic options Traditional sales options (phone, fax, email…) Online “shopping carts”
    9 : Selling on Your Website Traditional Sales Options Phone Fax Email “Snail Mail”
    10 : Selling on Your Website Online Shopping Carts View order details Change order Provide running total Process sales tax if applicable
    11 : An Example Shopping Cart from
    12 : Selling on Your Website Online Shopping Carts You could buy or develop your own shopping cart technology Most use a third party’s services See “A Primer on Shopping Cart Technology” in text.
    13 : Selling on Your Website Considerations for Making the Sale Don’t ask the buyer to do too much! Security is vital! Shopping cart technology also facilitates order processing
    14 : Selling on Other Websites On-line malls – similar to consignment shops, most provide Tools to build & maintain your shop Credit card processing (with security) Advertising for the mall The ability to easily interface with on-line auction services Flexible fee structure, depending upon your needs
    15 : Buying on The Internet Perform research before determining which products are right for you Be sure that the purchase is secure! You may be able to track your order You should receive an electronic receipt As you make purchases, note what you like and what you don’t like.
    16 : Section Wrap-Up Selling on the internet can be beneficial There are several different ways to make sales on the internet When buying, make note of good and bad items. Incorporate the good into your own selling interface.

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