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    by: raja

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    1 : Effective Presentation
    2 : “Great speakers aren’t born, they are trained.” Presentation is a Skill… Developed through training and experience
    3 : Agenda Purpose Planning Preparation Practice sequence Effective visual aids Body Language Presentation techniques Questions
    4 : Types of Presentations Meetings Seminars Research Paper Presentations Workshops Recruitment Presentations Company Profile Presentations
    5 : Preparation Audience Relevant Information Proper Planning Research Preparation Know your subject well - Know what you are talking about
    6 : Practice More practice More rehearsals - in front of the mirror - in front of colleagues or friends - in front of family members Believe in yourself Time Duration Know your opening byheart
    7 : Introduction Well begun is Half done Attract Listener’s attention Quotations
    8 : Main Body Major Contents Details Points & Ideas Power Point & OHP Receive Positive Response
    9 : Conclusion Short Summary Repeat Ideas Central Idea Queries
    10 : Techniques Rehearse your Presentation Deliver Effectively Dress & Appearance Body Language Confidence Communication Skills
    11 : Communication Skills “Cowards die many times before they die but the valour dies only once in his life“ Right Pronunciation Pauses Clarity Use Simple Sentences
    12 : Body Language Gestures Stand on two legs Don’t fold hands Proper eye contact Use your hands, but don’t go crazy
    13 : If possible move around,…but slowly! Maintain good posture Make sure everyone can see you\ DON’T speak with your back to the audience
    14 : Creating Effective Visual Aids
    15 : Red/Blue Conflict Red letters on blue background creates “flicker effect” Blue letters on red background s also bad
    16 : Common Problems Verbal fillers “Um”, “uh”, “like”, “you guys” Any unrelated word or phrase Swaying, rocking, and pacing Hands in pockets Lip smacking Fidgeting Failure to be audience-centered
    17 : Presentation Tips Smile Breathe Water Notes Finish in time
    18 : Summary Guide audience gently Design slides carefully Use pauses effectively Answer questions inclusively
    19 : Questions ?

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