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    by: Prasanna

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    2 : ENTREPRENEUR Entrepreneur (ahn’tra pranur) is a person who brings the factor of production and takes risk.
    4 : QUALITIES OF ENTREPRENEURE Finding opportunities in chaos. Taking disproportionate risk. Ability to make his/ her dream comes true.
    5 : ENTREPRENEURSHIP It is a dynamic process of vision change and creation. This requires application of energy and passion towards the creations and implementations of new ideas and creative solution.
    6 : CHARACTERISTICS OF ENTREPRENUERSHIP Availability of resources. Innovation Risk appetite Entrepreneur’s commitment.
    7 : CHARACTERISTICS OF ENTREPRENUERSHIP cont.. Strong desire to reap benefit. Construction skill Process should be dynamic
    8 : OBJECTIVES To create employment opportunities and uplifting quality of life. Rapid industrial growth. To enhance trade of country.
    9 : OBJECTIVES cont.. To foster innovation Urbanization To utilize ideal resources Rapid adaption to technology.
    10 : APPROACHES OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP MACRO VIEW Environmental school of thought Financial school of thought Displacement school of thought. MICRO VIEW Entrepreneurial school of thought Venture opportunity school of thought Strategic formulation school of thought
    11 : MYTHS Entrepreneurs are thinker not doer. Entrepreneurs are born not made. Entrepreneurs are always inventors. They are academic and social misfits. Entrepreneur needs luck.
    12 : CONCLUSION Entrepreneurship is the process of exploring the opportunities in the market place and arranging resources required to exploit these opportunities for long term gain. It is the process of planning, organizing, opportunities and assuming. Thus it is a risk of business enterprise. It is a creative and innovative skill and adapting response to environment of what is real.

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