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    by: safian

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    1 : By safian nazir
    2 : Overview Company overview (Nerissa) Role of information technology (Pier) F1 Manufacturing Operations A global presence (Rick) 2
    3 : Company Overview Ferrari who? Manufacturer of Italian racing cars and high-performance sports cars Located in Maranello, Italy Emilia-Romagna region Manufacturing since 1946(?) Racing since 1929 Employees (2003): 2968 Sales(2003): $1,582.8 million Market share: < 1% 3
    4 : Company Overview Founder – Enzo Ferrari (1898 – 1998) Worked for Alfa Romeo Scuderia Ferrari 4
    5 : Company Overview History of the logo Italian WWI hero – Count Francesco Baracca Prancing stallion Yellow – the color of Modena, Enzo’s hometown SF – Scuderia Ferrari literally means “Ferrari Stable” but is translated as “Team Ferrari” 5
    6 : Company Overview Ferrari in the racing world Italian Races Alfa Romeo’s racing team Grand Prix Michael Schumacher 6
    7 : Information Technology Formula 1 Racing division governed by International Automobile Federation (RIA) One of the most expensive sports in the world; teams collectively spend > $2.8 billion to compete Extremely technology centric It all started with turbos in 1992… 1/10th of second separates the winner from everyone else Strict rules over engine and car design encourage aggressive technology investment for competitive advantage 7
    8 : Information Technology Formula 1 is the focus of Ferrari’s technology investment Racing is Ferrari’s heritage Integration is a competitive advantage Ferrari only company that designs and manufactures both engine AND chassis Car design cycle ˜ 9 months Design = 6 months Manufacture = 3 months Technology key to meeting timeframes! F1 technology then trickles down to commercial vehicles Paddle shifters, independent suspension, disc brakes… 8
    9 : Information Technology Primary uses for information technology Telemetry Real-time collection/analysis of car performance during a race Over 500 different characteristics measured in real-time Design Engine Weight reduction Power (engines already produce > 800 bhp) Chassis Weight reduction Aerodynamics/Downforce 9
    10 : A Global Presence cont… Beginning in 1979, the North American import and distribution of Ferraris was handled by Fiat SpA In 1990 Ferrari North America was established The company imports and distributes its vehicles from Maranello, Italy The exports are done through a network of more than 300 sales and service centers in 45 countries 10
    11 : Questions? 11

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