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    by: gargi

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    1 : Interview Skills Presented by Akanksha Jain Abhishek Dronawat Arjun Das Bairagi Archana Mourya Hitendra singh Pawar Ibrahim Modiwala Gargi Joshi
    2 : Objective of the session Interview - Introduction Interview Preparation Interview Evaluation Body Language & Appearance Dos & Don'ts Important Questions
    3 : What is Interview ? A structured meeting of minimum two people. Arranged to examine the suitability of the candidate The candidate is tested for subject knowledge, skills and desired behavior in a very limited time
    4 : Types of Interviews Phone: used as an initial screen of candidates or to narrow the pool of applicants One-on-One: most common interview style and incorporates you with the potential employer Panel or Group: allows many individuals to interview you at once Meal: used to see how you interact or function in a social setting Second or On-site Interview: this allows one to get a tour of the facility, meet the staff, and additional questioning from different employees and/or administration
    5 : Panel Interview
    6 : Interview – Personal HR Tell me about yourself? Why should, I hire you? What is your expectation from the company? Describe your ideal career? What is your strength? What is your weakness?
    7 : Interview Techniques THREE IMPORTANT STAGES
    8 : Interview Techniques THREE STAGES: Before the Interview During the Interview After the Interview
    9 : “Action speak louder than words” and “You only have one chance to make a good first impression”
    10 : Non – Verbal Communication Facial expression (Smile, nods) Gestures (especially hand and arm movements) Body movements Postures (the way we stand) Visual orientation (eye contact) Physical Contact (handshake, patting) Spatial behavior (proximity, positioning) Appearance (including clothes, type and style) Non-verbal vocalization
    11 : The Job Interview A job interview is a face-to-face meeting between you and an employer It is usually the last and most important step in the job-seeking process An interview usually lasts between 15 to 30 minutes 11
    12 : The Employer Wants to Know If you have the skills for the job If you will be able to work well with supervisors and co-workers 12

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