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    2 : Anand Mahindra is the Vice Chairman and Managing Director of one of India’s largest companies, Mahindra & Mahindra Born: 1955 in Mumbai ,India Education: Graduation: Harvard College, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Magna cum Laude (High Honours). Post Graduation: MBA, Harvard Business School, Boston, Massachusetts in 1981. EARLY LIFE
    4 : Interest Mr. Anand M used to play tennis and has now taken up sailing. Anand Mahindra studied architecture and film in America and remains a keen photographer. INTERESTS
    5 : After returning to India, Anand Mahindra, joined Mahindra Ugine Steel Company (MUSCO) where he became President and Deputy Managing Director in 1989 While working there he initiated the Mahindra Group’s diversification into the new business areas of real estate development and hospitality
    6 : Mahindra has partnerships with international companies such as Renault SA and has also acquired a number of Indian and international companies; its acquisition of Punjab Tractors Ltd has made Mahindra India’s leading tractor manufacturer Under Anand Mahindra, the company launched India’s best loved SUV, the Scorpio, which today has gone global
    8 : Awards 'Knight of the Order of Merit' by the President of the French Republic Rajiv Gandhi Award 2004 for outstanding contribution in the business field 2005 Leadership Award from the American India Foundation for his, and the Mahindra Group's commitment to corporate social responsibility
    9 : Person of the Year 2005 from Auto Monitor CNBC Asia Business Leader Award for the year 2006 The Most Inspiring Corporate Leader of the Year 2007 from NDTV Profit.
    10 : Named Business Leader of the Year by the Economic Times Awards 2008-2009 Anand Mahindra ,head of the Mahindra Group, was given the Entrepreneur of the Year award at the Ernst & Young Awards 2009.
    11 : In 1991, Anand Mahindra was appointed Deputy Managing Director of Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. He became Managing Director in 1997 and took on the additional responsibility of Vice Chairman in 2003 Mahindra was a co-promoter of Kotak Mahindra Finance Ltd, which in 2003 was converted into a bank- Kotak Mahindra Bank
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    13 : Mr. Anand Mahindra is the co-founder of the Harvard Business School Association of India, an association dedicated to the promotion of professional management in India He is the co-chairman at the World Economic Forum at Davos He is Past President 2003-04 of the Confederation of Indian Industry
    14 : Anand Mahindra is also the founder chairman of the Mumbai Festival, which celebrates the cultural diversity of the city Mr. Anand Mahindra is a Director of The National Stock Exchange of India Limited appointed under the "Public Representatives" category. He takes a keen interest in matters related to education and apart from being a Trustee of the K.C. Mahindra Education Trust, which provides scholarships to students, he is also on the Board of Governors of the Mahindra United World College of India
    15 : He is the Chairman of National Safety Council of India He is the Co-Chairman of the International Council of the Asia Society, New York
    16 : Factors that influenced him to become a great leader
    17 : Influencing factors Mr. J.C.Mahindra Mythological Lessons Educational Background Family Background
    18 :
    19 : Co-creation: Active Listening Once a young boy named Ashish Sharma tweeted: “Congrats mahindra sir M&M rocks waiting for your superbike can you please tell where we can gain info about them” Anand Mahindra: Tell me what engine displacement and other specialty you expects in an Indian Superbike
    20 : Co-creation: Active Listening Ashish Sharma: Sir in my opinion the displacement should be large to increase the torque and higher pick up. It can have multi point sparking to increase power..spray ignition is a new idea..clearance must be high as for Indian roads Anand Mahindra: ok I will look into the technicalities with my team.
    21 : Highly Engaged Mr. Mahindra never sits idle and always keeps himself busy. If not business, then it is his voracious reading or social networking that keeps him abreast with the current global scenario as well as helps him to be a social person.
    22 : Accessible Anand Mahindra is a person who can be easily approached by any employee irrespective of the position he/she holds in the organizational hierarchy. Once an employee of Mahindra pulled his attention to the harassments and problems in the company by sending him the online links.
    23 : Responsive to customers Once a common customer Chirag Agrawal informed him via social networking site: “Could hardly speak to sales person of Mahindra in bajrag Haldwani. They don’t pick phones & don’t try calling back. I know you are a quite brand” AM replied: I will give feedback to Haldwani dealer. Thanks
    24 : Futuristic approach He has determined that it was time now to look beyond the telecom focus. There were a number of companies we had looked at. He had actually approached Mr (Ramalinga) Raju a year before this had happened proposing some kind of alliance between the companies
    25 : Visionary & Contrarian On January 6th, 2010 Mr Mahindra surprised many by announcing his intention to build an Indian version of Embraer Bangalore-based Mahindra Aerospace, a group company that recently acquired two small Australian aerospace companies. His ability to look beyond the stock price and quarterly results have helped grow both his group and its individual businesses Another brand new business his group is interested in, according to Mr Mahindra, is renewable energy.
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    31 : Pioneer Mahindra Group has successfully pioneered new vistas Acquisitions The company has pioneered the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in India The first SEZ, Mahindra World City in Chennai
    32 : Ambitious Appointed as Managing Director of Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. in April 1997 Mr. Anand Mahindra has embarked on a strategic globalization drive. He has been engaged in a comprehensive change programme Under his stellar leadership, the company has traversed new geographies
    33 : Corporate Governance Corporate Governance is an integral part of the Mahindra Group ‘Governance & Value Creation Rating (GVC) Level – 1’ by CRISIL for Corporate Governance Practices.
    34 : Lessons for Leadership learned from Anand Mahindra Composed Stick to your decision Commitment and Determination Assigning right job to the right person at the right time Identification of the potential of their group members
    35 : Cont… Motivating Encourage employees by monitory and non monitory reward and recognition. Flexible Focused in terms of achievement of goals. Time Management Know when to stop chasing your tail Be willing to learn new skills
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