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    by: charanjeev

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    1 : Ms. Karuna Sharma Motivation in Action
    2 : How to motivate employees? Recognize individual differences: people differ in attitude, personality etc so recognize these differences to motivate them Match people to jobs: People with high growth needs perform better at challenging jobs. Achievers perform when opportunities are provided to participate in setting goals, there is autonomy and feedback while performing. Use goals: provide specific goals and let people know what is expected. Use participation in goal setting to avoid resistance. Individualize rewards: use rewards selectively as needs are different and what acts as a motivator for some may not act as motivator for other. Link rewards to performance: employees should be rewarded immediately after attaining goals. Check the system for equity: equal effort should be recognized in the same way.
    3 : Rewards Monetary and Non-monetary benefits Membership and seniority-based rewards Job status-based rewards Competency-based rewards Performance-based rewards

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