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    by: satish manwani

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    1 : NICE THOUGHTS for life BY –Professor Satish Manwani Department of Management,NRI Group of Institution Bhopal 9893824144
    2 : There is only one rule for being a good talker ,learn to listen
    3 : If you wish to be good you must let people teach you a lot of things you already know
    4 : We do not need to be perfect but honest in our effort
    5 : Patience is a necessary ingredient of genius
    6 : Jungles grow negatively but a garden has to be laid
    7 : Deleting unnecessary files from memory
    8 : Silent has the loudest voice
    9 : Winners vs. losers Winners have dreams losers have schemes Winners see the gains losers see the pain Winners see the potential losers see the past Winners see the possibilities losers see problems Winners make it happen losers let it happen Winners make commitment losers make promise Winners are a part of the team losers are apart from the team
    10 : Winners always have a program loser have an excuse Winners say let me do it for you loser say that is not my job. Winners are a part of the answer loser are always part of problem. Winners always see an answer losers see a problem For every problem for every answer. Winners say It may be difficult losers say It may be but it is possible possible but it is too difficult
    11 : Wise is the one who on hearing knowledge has the honesty to put it into practice daily and consistently. Knowledge transforms into personal wisdom only through commitment to learning . Learning means change and through internal change people and world become better.

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