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    by: araveeticsreddy

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    1 : Personality Development Prof. A C Sekhara Reddy Department of Mechanical Engineering AVN Institute of Engineering and Technology
    2 : Free template from 2 What is personality The sign of life is struggle for growth A tiny seed breaks open the earth to grow into a big plant
    3 : Free template from 3 Growth alone does not add beauty to life, rather wild and abnormal growth sometimes leads to stagnation.
    4 : Free template from 4 Shaping the growth through proper training and systematic discipline is the only way to make the life beautiful, which ultimately leads to fully-fledged personality.
    5 : Free template from 5 Achievement in life certainly makes a person great, but does not add much to his or her personality
    6 : Free template from 6 In the history of man kind, great personalities appear who shook the world during their life time
    7 : Free template from 7 We are proud to say that in modern times India could produce a real and universal person in Swami Vivekananda, whose thoughts are a source of inspiration, throughout the world to shape a real personality.
    8 : Free template from 8 1.Perfectionists 2.Helpers 3.Romantics 4.Achievers 5.Observers 6.Questioners 7.Adventurers 8.Asserter 9.Peace makers . Types of Personalities
    9 : Free template from 9 The great Indian software business leader Narayan Murthy falls in the category of a perfectionist. Perfectionist
    10 : Free template from 10 Mother Teresa is one such personality who was sensitive not only to the needs of few people around, but for the millions of poor in the country. Helper
    11 : Free template from 11 The great Indian painter MF Hussain falls in the type of romantic personality. He has a sensitive heart and romantic personality for his creativity. Romantic
    12 : Free template from 12 Sachin Tendulker the greatest batsman, and Kapil Dev, the greatest all rounder fall in the category of achievers. They Always full of energy to achieve something big. Achievers
    13 : Free template from 13 The great economist Noble laureate Amartya Sen is one such observer personality, who is curious analytical insightful. Observer
    14 : Free template from 14 The out spoken Bollywood actress and former Rajya Sabha member Shabana Azmi, may fall in the category of questioners. She can raise relevant questions in all platforms. Questioner
    15 : Free template from 15 The energetic NRI businessman, Vijay Mallaya, may be categorized in the adventurer type of trying something new that was not done by any Indian earlier. Adventurer
    16 : Free template from 16 The former Chief Election Commissioner T.N. Seshan, the straightforward bold officer, is the best Indian example of an asserter. Asserter
    17 : Free template from 17 The former Indian Prime minister Atal Bhihari Vajpayee has the peace maker type of personality. Peace makers
    18 : Free template from 18 1.Physical dimension 2.Mental dimension 3.Intellectal dimension 4. Spiritual dimension Four dimensions of human personality
    19 : Free template from 19 Physical Dimension: The human body is the rare gift of God. Good health is the source of happiness and success in life. Since the body and mind are closely related to each other, ill health causes mental worries and depression, not enabling to pursue a definite goal in life.
    20 : Free template from 20 Body is the means for the pursuit of religion. Swami Vivekananda asserted that we must have mussels of iron and nerves of steel. You will reach heaven through football than through the study of the Gita. Physical Dimension:
    21 : Free template from 21 Nutritious food, regular exercise, meditation, cultivating good habits, self-control help us to improve our health, which forms a part of our personality development Physical Dimension:
    22 : Free template from 22 Mental dimension The mind is superior to the body. It is the mind that makes the body, but not vice-versa Mind is repository of thoughts Negative and evil thoughts make the mind weak. Weak and uncontrolled mind always succumbs to temptations, creating havoc with a person
    23 : Free template from 23 Always remains calm even in adversities Never succumbs to temptations, and develops tremendous courage to say ‘No’ to immoral thoughts and actions Always remains free from prejudice, suspicion and jealousy Positive thinking, concentration, fearlessness, adventurous nature, and self-confidence are the vital qualities of strong mind Qualities of Strong Mind
    24 : Free template from 24 Qualities of Weak Mind Gets irritated and loses temper over trifling matters and reacts violently Easily succumb to temptations, like bribery, stealing etc. Always compromises with and surrenders to evil forces
    25 : Free template from 25 Qualities of Weak Mind Cannot face challenges in life, and tries to escape from them by adopting easy and cheap methods Never appreciates good qualities in others Restlessness, fear, tension, laziness, frustration, superstition, and negative thinking are the main characteristics of a weak mind.
    26 : Free template from 26 Weak mind can become strong by reading good , mind strengthening books such as literature of Swami Vivekananda, Bhagavad Gita, the upanishads etc., from young age itself. Evil company, vulgar and cheap novels, and movies create mental perversions, resulting in all types of psychological complexes and nervous weakness.
    27 : Free template from 27 Swami Vivekananda quotes What ever you think, that you will be; if you think yourselves strong, strong you will be. If you think yourselves weak, weak you will be. Underestimating one’s own capacity and constantly thinking in a negative way, such as, I am good for nothing, I am hopeless, I am worthless, I am sinner, is the prime cause of our mental weakness
    28 : Free template from 28 Sri Krishna quotes in Gita ”One should save one self by oneself; One should not lower oneself. For oneself is verily one’s own friend; Oneself is verily one’s own enemy”
    29 : Free template from 29 Intellectual Dimension Strength is of four types, i.e. physical strength, mental strength, intellectual strength and spiritual strength Intellectual strength is superior to physical and mental strength, and hence it forms an important part of our personality
    30 : Free template from 30 Cultivate different talents, such as music, fine arts, poetry, dance, drama etc., which will helps to improve deep thinking leads to improve intellectual dimension of human personality The mind can provide number of solutions to your problem does not have capacity to discriminate between good and bad It is the intellect to choose right one among the options given by the mind Intellectual Dimension
    31 : Free template from 31 In this mortal body, there is something, immortal, eternal, and of the nature of pure consciousness, bliss, peace, and source of tremendous power, energy, and knowledge. Spiritual Dimension
    32 : Free template from 32 It is of the nature of effulgent light; never undergoes any change, free from birth, old age. and death. From it spring all divine qualities, such as love, compassion, service, purity, truthfulness, fearlessness come under spiritual dimension Spiritual Dimension
    33 : Free template from 33 Sri Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita “ the subtle organs are superior to the gross body, the mind is superior to the organs, but the intellect is superior to the mind. However, the one who dwells in this body is superior to intellect Spiritual Dimension
    34 : Free template from 34 Conclusion A harmonious growth of the physical, the mental, the intellectual and the spiritual dimension leads to the all-round development of personality Struggle for perfection in all these aspects will ultimately leads us to the development of the real personality A great number of such people will certainly form a better society and they will raise this nation once again to its highest glory

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