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    by: piyush

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    2 : Definition: A physical handicap is a physical or mental disability making participation in certain of the usual activities of daily living more Difficult. In, 2002 there were at least 51million people who suffered from some type of impairment. Those who have a handicap have been afforded certain rights to help them conduct life as normal as possible congress in 1990 enacted the American with Disabilities act in order to protect those who have been treated unfairly because of being handicapped of disabled.
    3 : Types: 1. Blindness 2. Deafness 3. paralysis of computations. 1. inability to function normally, physically or mentally; incapacity. 2. anything that causes disability. 3. as defined by the federal government: “inability to engage in any substantial gainful activity by reason of any medically determinable physical or mental impairment which can be expected to last or has lasted for a continuous period of not less than 12 months.” 
    4 : Government Schemes: Scheme of Integrated Education for The Disabled Children This is a Centrally Sponsored Scheme launched in 1974 by the Department of Social Welfare and after transferred to Dept. of Education in 1982. Under the scheme handicapped children are sought to be integrated in normal school system. The Hearing Handicapped (mild and moderate impaired only) are provided following allowance and facilities under this scheme: Books and stationery allowance of Rs.400/- p.a. Uniform allowance of Rs.50/- p.a. Transport allowance of Rs.50/- per month (if a disabled child admitted under the scheme residing in a hostel of the school within the school premises, no transportation charges would be admissible).
    5 : Scholarships For The Disabled The Scheme of Scholarship is operated by union Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment through State Governments to disabled persons from the 9th class onwards for general technical or professional education. The scholarship is awarded all kinds of handicapped students subject to their obtaining of at least 40% marks at the last annual examination. More than 40% disability, income less than 50,000 Rs. Standard 1st to 7th: 1000 Rs Above 8th standard: 1500 to 5000 Rs.
    6 : Children's Educational Allowance As per the office memorandum issued by the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions (Dept. of Personnel and Training), grant of children educational allowance, reimburse of tuition fee, etc. to Central Govt. employees will be governed by the Central Civil Services orders, 1988. As per the order, the reimbursement of tuition fee of Rs.50/-p.m. in respect of physically handicapped and mentally retarded children of the Central Govt. employee is permissible. The disabled children will however, get other assistance under this scheme as per rates prescribed for the normal children.
    7 : Railway Travel Concession The Ministry of Railway allows the disabled persons/patients to travel at concessional fares in Indian railways. Deaf persons are allowed 50% concession in single and return journey rail fares on production of Medical Certificate issued by the Govt. Medical Officer. After verifying the certificate concessional tickets will be issued by the station master. 50% concessions is also allowed in monthly seasonal (first and second class) ticket fares to the deaf. No concession will be allowed for the escort of the deaf person. Permission is also given to travel by 2tier-AC sleeper on payment of the concessional fare for first class and full surcharge leviable on 2 tier AC sleeper.
    8 : Bus Travel Concession: More than 75% disability, free bus pass. Co traveler of the disable can also get 50% concession of fair. Blind person and his/her co traveler both can get 100% concession means free traveling.
    9 : Sant Surdas Yojana: Age limitation: less than 45 years More than 80% disability below 18 years can get 200 Rs per month Above 18 years can get 400 RS per month
    10 : National Handicapped help & development corporation: Established on 24th Jan. 1997 400 corer fund Economical help: loan for employment& education 2.5 lakh. For agriculture 5 lakh and for related artificial tools production 25 lakh Rs. income 50,000: 5% 1 lakh : 6% 5 lakh : 9% (interest of loan)
    11 : Reservation of Jobs The Govt. of India has reserved 3% vacancies against identified posts in Group ‘C’ and Group ‘D’ for the disabled. The categories of handicapped persons benefited by this scheme are the blind, the deaf and the orthopedically handicapped on 1% reservation for each category in the Central Govt. services, Public Sector Banks and Govt. Undertakings.
    12 : Income Tax Concessions Section 80 D: Section 80 DD provides for a deduction in respect of the expenditure incurred by an individual or HUF resident in India on the medical treatment (including nursing) training and rehabilitation etc. of handicapped dependants. For officiating the increased cost of such maintenance, the limit of the deduction has been raised from Rs.12000/- to Rs.15000/- Section 80 V: A new Section 80 V has been introduced to ensure that the parent in whose hands, income of a disabled minor has been clubbed under Section 64, is allowed to claim a deduction up to Rs.20000/ in terms of Section 80U, which provides for a deduction of Rs.20000/- in case of an individual who is suffering from a permanent disability (including blindness) or is subject to mental retardation.
    13 : Role of social worker: Awareness of the welfare schemes of the government To become a motivator to motivate them to improve their lives. To develop the skills. To make them independent in their lives. To encourage them to do such types of activities. To provide warmth & love to face their daily difficulties.
    14 : “Our role is to help physically disabled people move from 'I can't do' to 'I can do' through exploring the world that IT enables
    15 : Thank you Presented by: 1. Gamit Piyush. C . 2. Gamit Mahesh T. 3. Gamit Maryam j. 4. Gamit Maryam

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