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    by: arman

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    1 : Role & Responsibility Of Project Manager
    2 : The Project Manager
    3 : Head of the Project The Project Manager (Project Leader) is the head of the project The Project Manager has the ultimate responsibility for the planning and control of everything related to the project Interface Liaison The Project Manager must interface with the quality manager, the configuration management manager, the integration and test manager, management of other disciplines outside of the project, and the customer Project Manager
    4 : Project Responsibilities Project Leader Management Quality Management Customer Configuration Management
    5 : Project Control System The Project Manager must establish the feedback loops depicted in the figure shown on the following slide The Project Manager must ensure that the basic controls are in place to guide the project effort toward its objective Project Manager - 2
    6 : Project Control System Technical Development Project Management Quality Management Configuration Management From “the Software Engineer’s Handbook” by McDermid Error Report Change Requests Work Assignments Draft Products Status Reports Accepted Products Reject Customer Requirements Changes Standards And Procedures Intermediate Development Products Products
    7 : Provide Direction The Project Manager must provide direction to the project team and be able to answer questions including: For whom do I work? What is expected of me? Why is it expected of me? What tools and facilities are available to me? How do I do what is expected? What training is available to me? Project Manager - 3
    8 : Provide Direction - continued What must I produce? When must it be produced? Who do I give it to? How will my product be evaluated? Project Manager - 4
    9 : The Project Manager is the DRIVER and as such takes on the responsibility for many diverse tasks including: Lead the project team through the process of creating and executing the project plan Mold the project members into a project team Obtain approvals for the project plan Issue status reports on the progress of the project compared to the plan Respond to requests for changes to the plan Project Manager - 5
    10 : Facilitate the team process, using trained and experience in interpersonnel skills Remove obstacles for the team so they can do the job they are asked to do Act as the key interface with the project sponsor Act as the key interface with the project customer Ensure that the relevant stakeholders are involved throughout the project lifecycle as required Call and run regular project meetings Issue the final project report Capture lessons learned and update the process database Project Manager - 6
    11 : Successful projects have the technical leadership of the Systems Engineer and the management guidance of the Project Manager Summary

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