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    Add as Friendself calibrated wireless sleep sensing system for brain injury diagnostics

    by: praveen

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    1 : Self-calibrated wireless sleep sensing system for brain injury diagnostics UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF Mr. NANDISH.N Lecturer , RLJIT PRESENTED BY: PRAVEEN AWARAD (1RL09EC054)
    2 : OUTLINE Abstract Introduction System Block Diagram Sensor Operation Principles Wireless Radio Bouter Software Analysis Requirements Advantages Conclusions References
    3 : abstract We focus on a new method during sleep to detect mTBI associated with neuro-cognitive impairment. A wireless pressure sensor system comprising a piezo-resistive flexible substrate is used. The collected information is then processed with a software program to remove noise and interference. detect both sleep states and cardio-respiratory movements.
    4 : introduction Every year over 1,565,000 patients are diagnosed with Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) in the U.S. early detection is required to prevent re-injury and long term disability. The proposed system utilizes sensors with different sensitivities. That are coupled with each other and embedded in an appropriate paediatric or adult sized mattress. The advantage of this approach is that it can be adapted for both adults and infant neurological status diagnosis. It functions as a self-calibrated platform for sensing body pressure changes and sleep movements during various sleep states

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