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    stealth technology


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    1 : STEALTH TECHNOLOGY (Making the things invisible) Presented By VIT EC-(VII) Student of
    2 : What is Stealth Technology Stealth is a technique in which we can make any object invisible. Stealth is an important technology which used in military operations. Stealth technology also known as LO technology (low observable technology)
    3 : History The first true "stealth" aircraft may have been developed in Germany during the last years of WWII. This technique has also been used in ships as we can see in the figure.
    4 : Stealth-Technology „How to make things invisible“
    5 : Where is the stealth-technology already used?
    6 : B-2 Bomber
    7 :
    8 :
    9 : How to make things invisible?
    10 :
    11 : But how could it works, that Martin is able to see Katja ?
    12 :
    13 : How could the light be deflected? Refractive Index Optical Materials Metamaterials
    14 : Factors of Stealth Technology   The object can be shaped so that any radar signals it reflects are reflected away from the radar equipment. The object can be covered in materials that absorb radar signals.
    15 : Shape of any object When we are using normal shape While we use Stealth Technology
    16 : AWCT (Adoptive water curtain technology) This technology is a part of stealth which is used in the ships for making low observable.
    17 : What is Radar Absorbing Materials (Stealth)? Nanostructural composite material, absorbing without reflection radar wave. This new material is based on nanotechnology.
    18 : Materials Carbon fiber composites Magnetic ferrite-based substance RAM reduces the radar cross section making the object appear smaller.
    19 : Advantages of stealth technology Reduce the causality rate during the war. Saving military budget. Develop the military secretes. Bluff the anti-detective device.
    20 : Disadvantages of Stealth Technology Instability of design Electromagnetic emissions Cost of maintenance Sensitive skin Cost of operations
    21 : application of Stealth Technology Military Operation Civil Aviation ( In Future by Boeing) In Spacecraft In Launch Vehicles
    22 : Thank You…
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