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    by: yeswant kumar

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    1 : What is life on the space shuttle?
    2 : No gravity : This will make the simple jobs very complicated. astronaut Mike Mullane says* CHANGING THE BATTERIES IN WALK MAN TAKES 5 TIMES LONGER THAN THE NORMAL TIME*
    3 : FREE ENERGIES IN THIS SPACE there are many energies are there but every thing is not entering in to the earth because some of the layers like lithosphere,biosphere are protecting our earth from the harmful radiations and there is ozone layer wch protects our earth from the uv rays
    4 : Kalpana chawala NASA Astronaut Born July 1, 1961 Karnal, Haryana, India Died February 1, 2003 (aged 41) Over Texas Previous occupation Research Scientist Time in space 31days 14hours 54minutes
    5 : Kalpana chawala Selection 1994 NASA Group Missions STS-87, STS-107 Mission insignia Sts-87-patch.png STS-107 Flight Insignia.svg Awards Congressional Space Medal of Honor
    6 : Kalpana chawala BON VOYAGE in columbia7 images..

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