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    1 : WORK LIFE BALANCE G. Soren Faculty Member ZTC - Jamshedpur
    2 : Balancing your time between your Office and your Family in a prudent way so that you manage balancing your office and family life as well! WORK LIFE BALANCE
    3 : Your husband screams at you for you do not spend time with him. You do not know most of your sons’/daughters’ activities at School and home. You even forget to be at home for your loved ones’ birthdays! You become a figure-head at home. You become lost in your own home. WHO SUFFERS ? – YOU !! More importance to Work
    4 : More importance to HOME Your office work suffers. Your boss shouts at you. You are not given important assignments and are ignored because you do not deliver. You miss your promotion. You become sad. You become more sad when family members ask you. WHO SUFFERS ? – YOU !! Boss
    5 : If U do not try to have WLB Cracks will appear in your office life or family life or both. Conflicts Stress Illnesses Loss of Self Image Distance from children
    6 : Inlaws' Demand children Distanced Demanding Husband DEMANDING HUSBAND
    7 : what to do what not to do ?
    8 : Stress at WORK FACTORS INTRINSIC TO THE JOB Poor working condition, long hours,travel,work under/over load ROLE IN ORG. Undefined role, shift duty, sexual harassments RELATIONSHIP AT WORK Interpersonal relationship-boss, colleagues /sub ordinates.
    9 : STRESS AT FMILY LOCATION OF WORKPLACE She is exploited as is not mobile- Can’t leave job DUAL CAREER Husband’s gets first priority-wife secondary DECISION ABOUT HAVING CHILD Increased domestic responsibility,engagement of servant, putting baby in creche,maternity leave, husband’s masculinity attitude. ROLE CONFLICT Inlaws’/husband’s expectation,demands/pressures
    11 : KNOW THE CHARACTERISTICS OF MOTHER IN LAWS They think they know more than you……. As a result they offer recommendations They do not respect the laws of time & space Therefore, they offer their advice any where. In your home, in their home, at family gatherings, shopping malls, during travels ,before guests/friends etc. Their voice carry from here to there. They like to give everyone the benefit of their unsolicited advice They usually believe they are helping you
    12 : THE FACTUAL FACT OF REALITY They have had years of experience copping with problems. They immediately become sensitive. They want to have a lot of control over you & your kids. Sometimes she really does no know morethan you do but thinks as an EXPERT.
    13 : How to deal with ?????????????... Build better relationship with your mother in law. Keep your temper in check & stay cool. Judge, if mother il law is genuinely trying to help you or having selfish motives. Don’t confront her at a wedding,Funeral or mall. Discuss with open & positive mind and make it clear that you still want her to be involved with your family.Ideally at park,/ walk/Restaurants.
    14 : KIRANBEDI- UBACHA Women are excluded from decision making even when it concerns them. Women enslaves themselves by letting others to control them. Somemen think they can throw away their wives when ever they want. Women in our country continue to be treated as commodities.
    15 : Meeting each other needs: His needs are more Physical and Emotional Her needs are more Emotional and Physical
    16 : WIFE-HUSBAND-relationship Four fold model- 1 Thrusting husband & caring wife- NO Stress. Four fold model -2. Both husband & wife thrusting- heavy stress Four fold model- 3. Understanding each other - NO Stress. Four fold model -4 Involved husband/uncaring wife- guilt feelings Leading to problems.
    17 : Major obstacles for WLB Time: Although aware that there should be a balance, you do not find enough time. So, you start to feel guilty, stressful, etc. .
    18 : Major obstacles for WLB Aspirations: Trying to get ahead in office . So there is implicit pressure to sacrifice family life. Where to draw the line? Psychological need for productivity: Being too generative makes us to over-commit, burn-out. Being stagnant makes one fear of losing the rat-race. Where to understand our self?
    19 : Major obstacles for WLB Doing things right: Always trying to do the things right and the right way makes one stressful. The big picture: Some people try to cloak their family conflicts with the coat of work holism.
    21 : Centers of Personal Activity
    22 : Social LIFE Centers
    23 : How can we obtain WLB Gap Analysis : Make an analysis and change. How much time do you now allot to work / family ? What should be ideally Allotted ?
    24 : What Do You Think? Do you know ? Men and women are different in many ways, especially in the way they think.
    25 : . A man deals with each circle as he is required to do They do not overlap, but remain entirely separate from one another. If he is watching a game on TV and the children come in screaming, he may not notice them because he is watching TV. When the game is over the circle is closed. He may pay bills and even discuss then with his wife, but when he has finished, that circle is closed. food Work Money Children Health meetings transportation
    26 : On the other hand woman deals with her life much differently She can comfort a child with a cut knee while she makes dinner and may even be on the phone at the same time. She may pay the bills and be thinking about which child needs new shoes or the refreshment she must take to the Office/meeting. A woman will think of many things at once. If this were to be shown, it would look like the above diagram. work health children money transportation food
    27 : Make an action plan : Arrange your priorities, ensure they are action and result Anticipate bumps along the road: Life is not a bed of roses. How can we obtain WLB
    28 : Discussing private details of your married life with parents, family, or friends can cause irreparable damage to your relationship with your spouse. BE CAREFUL
    29 : Don't be afraid to discuss with your partner your likes, dislikes, feelings, desires, fantasies, etc. Share and learn together.
    30 : Re- Cultivate hobbies, Develop an new found hobby, Be creative. This will relieve you of your stress and help you function better. Find success in something outside of work:
    31 : Be at peace with whatever you do. Cut out on your negative thoughts and add on to your positive thoughts. Become a fact finding machine, not a fault finding one. Life would become simpler both at work and home. Health : Look after your physical health also. Find success in something outside of work:
    32 : LIFE IS A JOURNEY Living your life without a plan/strategy is like watching a TV with some one else holding the REMOTE CONTROL
    33 : Changes can come from any directions, both from within an oragnisation and from outside. > Customers expectations. > Technological changes. > Regulator’s guidelines. >husband’s B ehaviobr > Global economic changes. Welcome changes ?
    34 : Change yourself first and align with changed environment What is the 1St step towards change ?
    35 : Be firm about your expectations, but remember that enjoyment is a key motivator. “Your attitude determines your altitude”. Energising Self
    36 : A little sensitivity and effort on your part can significantly help you live your life to the fullest !
    37 : Use Feelings Intuitions Sixth Sense In all your activity Energising Work Place
    38 : When at home, give all your attention to your home. When at office give all your attention to your office Wear different shirts
    39 : Understand Where to draw the line between doing good work and over work at the cost of family. Where to draw the line between family time and office time. REMEMBER, you can not be successful everywhere all the time. At times, you may have to give more time to work. At times, you may have to give more time to family. But know when to return and give equal time to work and family.
    40 :
    41 : PRIORTISE TASKS URGENT & Important Crisis Instruction of Boss Pressing Problems Deadline Driven Meeting Preparations
    42 : IMPORTANT BUT NOT URGENT Preparation Prevention Value clarification Planning Accounting Relationship Empowerment.
    43 : URGENT BUT NOT IMPORTANT Telephone calls Mails Reports Audit Inspection QMA
    44 : NOT IMPORTANT NOT URGENT Irrelevant phone calls Destruction of records Miscellaneous works Popular activities.
    45 : > Never making promises that you are not able or not intending to keep. > Never asking others to do anything that you would not do yourself. Prove trustworthiness BY
    46 : TIPS & STRATEGIES Divide workload fairly,- negotiate responsibilities, avoid conflicts, distribute work, Communicate with your Boss & Co-workers’; Look for smart ways to readjust schedule,
    47 : Career in service is the LIFE INSURANCE for working women. All working women must know LEGAL RIGHTS/Constitutional Rights of women at work place and at home as well.
    48 : Living a life that matters doesn't happen by accident. It's not a matter of circumstance but of choice. Choose to live a life that matters.
    49 : 10 M’s 2 B Managed by ‘U’ mouth money master machine man material milieu market methods MOMENT MOMENT

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