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    by: davidboon28

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    1 : Purpose of Plant Supports Presented by-
    2 : About Plant Support System The old days of tying and retying plants are gone, with the introduction a new and innovative plant support system.
    3 : Plant support system encourages a modern and effective method of gardening. The new age plant supports are much more advanced and reliable than the conventional methods.
    4 : During rainy season, the task of taking care of plants becomes much tougher because in this particular season all the plants push through the ground. To avoid this, the method of spring staking is the only reliable and effective option.
    5 : Some plants don't need the support of staking to stand, they can stand by their own. But there are also some plants, who desperately need the support of staking to stand. For that choosing the proper methods of plants supports becomes very important.
    6 : Purpose Of staking- If the top portion of the plant is heavy and it trails along with the wind, then the plant needs staking.
    7 : It is very important to choose the proper stakes for the plant and also the period around when the plants need to be staked.
    8 : Basic knowledge of plant supports, like where the stake should be placed should be known so that it supports the plant properly. And also the proper knowledge of tying the plant with coated wire or covered wire is very important. These methods are all part of plant supports.
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