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    by: Deepi17

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    2 : INTRODUCTION Due to Eco friendly features, the number of industries has started to manufacture briquetting plant. Everyone knows it is the key factor of developing country and renewable source of energy. That’s why many people wants set up their own briquetting plant for the purpose of energy saving. Indian Government supports this project with free income tax benefits up to 5 years. t
    3 : Biomass Briquette Machine Biomass briquette machine is invented to make environment greener and healthy. Briquetting plant project is process of making biomass briquettes from agro waste or industrial waste. Any type of green waste like groundnut shell, almond shell, coffee husk, tea husk, rice husk, sugar-cane and other biomass can’t directly use into briquetting machine, up to 10% moisture of raw material is needed to process of cutting and drying.
    4 : Energy Saving World
    5 : Se Up Briquetting Plant There are various use and benefits of biomass. But making briquetting plant is the best use of biomass and any other devastate material. Biomass briquettes are generally used in industries as well as home for cooking and heating. Biomass can be compressed and burn easily so it can generate heat for cooking and any other issues. Agro waste and biomass creates liquid fuel as biodiesel which is used in buses, cars and any other vehicles. From the above we can conclude that it is a renewable source of energy and can make greener environment.
    6 : Government Encouragement The Indian Government has offered some relaxation for implementation of the Briquetting Plants including: Free income tax for the First five years. Government provided a subsidy of 35% on the price of briquetting plant. 80% decrease on investment cost in the First years itself. No Requirement of NOC from State pollution Boards.
    7 : Briquetting Press Machines There are well known briquetting machine manufacturer and briquetting machine supplier who made different types of briquetting machinery and its equipment. Jumbo 90 briquette press and super 70 briquette press is most usable briquetting machine in the industrial market.
    8 : Advantages These machines are energy efficient and recyclable machine that can easily recycle your waste. Indian Government provides some benefits and some of the relaxation on income tax if these plants are to be set up in the rural areas and villages. The finished product biomass briquettes are used in various industries like textile industry, rubber industry, leather industry, food processing unit etc… There is a reason behind this rather it is all offered for the growth and development of those rustic areas too.
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