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    1 : History of Electronics Electricity Dozens of people Researched for several hundred years Most theories developed by 1900
    2 : History of Electronics Electronics Many individuals contributed Electrical experiments and information built the ‘base’ for Electronics Associated with Wireless developments Generally regarded as ‘starting’ about 1900
    3 : History of Electronics William Gilbert 1544-1603 Wrote De magnete Researched Magnetics Static Electricity Distinguished between Magnetism and static electricity
    4 : History of Electronics Leyden Jar Was the first Capacitor Developed by Pieter van Musscenbroech
    5 : History of Electronics Benjamin Franklin 1706-1790 Writer and Scientist Researched Electricity Researched Weather Meteorology Defined Positive Negative Charges Had many other inventions!
    6 : History of Electronics Charles Coulomb 1736-1806 Experimented in mechanical resistance Developed Coulomb’s Law for electrostatic charges
    7 : History of Electronics Luigi Galvani 1737-1798 Studied effects of electricity on Frogs Revealed animals had and were effected by electricity
    8 : History of Electronics Alessandro Volta 1745-1827 Electrical experiments in late 1700’s Invented the battery
    9 : History of Electronics Hans Christian Oersted 1777-1851 Demonstrated that electricity effected magnetism Initiated the study of Electromagnetism Discovered Aluminum
    10 : History of Electronics Andre Ampere 1775-1836 French Mathematician physicist Invented the Solenoid Studied the effects of electrical currents
    11 : History of Electronics Georg Simon Ohm 1789-1854 Experimented with Electrical circuits Discovered OHMS law Made several electronic parts
    12 : History of Electronics Michael Faraday 1791-1867 Great experimenter in electricity and magnetism Demonstrated electromagnetic induction
    13 : History of Electronics James Prescott Joule 1818-1889 Discovered the Law of Conservation of Energy The unit of energy, Joule, is named in his honor
    14 : History of Electronics Gustav Robert Kirchhoff 1824-1887 Worked on Spectroscope Developed Kirchhoff’s Laws
    15 : History of Electronics Sir Charles Wheatstone 1806-1876 Worked on the telegraph, photography, electricity Developed the Concertina (accordian) Found uses for the Wheatstone Bridge
    16 : History of Electronics James Clerk Maxwell 1831-1879 Wrote Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism Explained Faraday’s Work and predicted Hertz’s work
    17 : History of Electronics Heinrich Rudolph Hertz 1857-1894 Demonstrated the electromagnetic radiation demonstrated the photoelectric effect
    18 : History of Electronics Wilhelm Rontgen 1845-1923 Discovered X-Ray
    19 : History of Electronics Thomas Alva Edison 1847-1931 Observed the “Edison effect” while inventing the electric lamp 1093 patents including phonograph, incandescent lamp, much more
    20 : History of Electronics Nikola Tesla 1856-1943 Inventor and Engineer Invented: AC generators, distribution system and AC induction motors
    21 : History of Electronics Guglielmo Marconi 1874-1937 Patented Radio Telegraphy in 18961901 transmitted signals across the Atlantic Ocean Nobel Prize in Physics in 1909
    22 : History of Electronics John Ambrose Fleming 1849-1945 Worked for Edison and Marconi Invented the Fleming Valve - the first electronic rectifier or diode
    23 : History of Electronics Lee De Forest 1873-1961 Held over 300 patents Invented the Audion tube, the first Triode vacuum tube 1912 - cascade his tubes to increase amplification
    24 : History of Electronics Walter Schottky 1886-1976 1919 - Invented the multiple grid vacuum tube Had multiple Doctorates Defined ‘shot noise’ - random electron noise in thermionic tubes
    25 : History of Electronics Edwin Howard Armstrong 1890-1954 Invented regenerative feedback and electronic oscillators 1917 - invented the superheterodyne radio 1933 - Patented FM radio (wideband)
    26 : History of Electronics Harold Stephen Black 1898-1983 1927 - Invented the idea of negative feedback to improve distortion characteristics in amplifiers
    27 : History of Electronics Philo Taylor Farnsworth 1906-1971 1922 - Invented an electronic TV system 1927 - Patented his TV system
    28 : History of Electronics William Bradford Shockley 1910-1989 Worked with Brattain and Bardeen on a team that invented the junction transistor Shared the 1956 Nobel prize with Brattain and Bardeen
    29 : History of Electronics Walter H. Brattain 1902-1987 Worked on Radar silicon detectors Worked on the team that invented the junction transistor Shared the 1956 Nobel Prize with Bardeen and Shockley
    30 : History of Electronics John Bardeen 1908-1991 Developed a theory of quantum surface states of electrons which led to the invention of the junction transistor Shared in the 1956 Nobel Prize with Shockley and Brattain
    31 : History of Electronics History Repeats itself
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