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    by: Deepi17

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    1 : Briquetting Press Machine -To Save Environment
    2 : Introduction Briquetting press machine manufacturer are making superior quality briquetting machines to save the environment. Then briquetting press machine suppliers are sold them at low cost than fossil fuels. Eco friendly briquetting machines are used to make Eco friendly biomass briquettes from biomass waste material and agriculture waste.
    3 : Save Environment Save the environment is our responsibility and now it is possible with briquetting press machines. Renewable sources are good for the environment and our nature’s economy. Briquetting press is used to convert agro forestry waste or industrial waste into helpful bio fuel briquettes. Biomass briquettes are renewable source of energy and used in various industries for generating heat and steam.
    4 : Need Of Fuel Fuel is basic need of every industry and use of fossil fuels is damaging the environment. So most of people are now switching to the bio fuel to save the environment and make it carbon free Eco friendly environment.
    5 : Continue… All type of agro waste like groundnut shells, almond shells, cumin waste, bagasse, saw dust, rice husk, wheat husk etc… are used in briquette making process. All these waste is fed into briquetting plant under large mechanical pressure without adding any type of chemical or binder. After finishing the process, cylindrical biomass briquettes are generated which are environment friendly.
    6 : Benefits Of Briquetting Machine Eco friendly in nature Cost effective and encouraged by Government Made from high quality equipment and latest technology Make biodegradable bio fuel briquettes Government gives subsidy on purchasing this machinery.
    7 : Jumbo 90 Briquette Press
    8 : Use Of Briquette Press This plant is the one of the most important form of renewable energy. Renewable sources are very important for the future and green environment. From this plant we can generate biomass energy which is very useful to generate heat and electricity where it is required. It can help agriculture sector as well as rural people.
    9 : Continue… The output from biomass briquette press is biomass briquette which is used in various industries as well as at home for heating the room and cooking. After understood whole project in brief, we can say that briquetting plant is the best solution to reduce pollution from the environment and make it more green and healthy.
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