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    1 : Human Resource Management With
    2 : Human Resource Management Human Resource Management Activities designed to provide for and coordinate the human resources of an organization Traditionally referred to as personnel administration or personnel management 1-2
    3 : Human Resource Functions Human Resource Functions Tasks and duties performed in large and small organizations to provide for and coordinate human resources Talent management The broad spectrum of HR activities involved in obtaining and managing firm’s human resources 1-3
    4 : Human Resource Functions Human resource planning, recruitment, and selection Human resource development Compensation and benefits Safety and health Employee and labor relations Human resource research 1-4
    5 : Who Performs the Human Resource Functions? Operating manager Person who manages people directly involved with the production of an organization’s products or services Production manager in a manufacturing plant, loan manager in a bank 1-5
    6 : Who Performs the Human Resource Functions? Human resource generalist Person who devotes a majority of working time to human resource issues, but does not specialize in any specific areas. Human resource specialist Person specially trained in one or more areas of human resource management labor relations specialist, wage and salary specialist 1-6
    7 : The Human Resource Department Primary function – Provide support to operating managers on all human resource matters Fulfills a traditional staff role and acts in an advisory capacity Depending upon the organization, functions may be split between operating managers and human resource department 1-7
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